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Weekends give you some time to catch your breath. Sometimes, you just want to stay in bed all weekend and watch Netflix, which is totally fine. But if you’re tense from a long week of work, try out some yoga.

There are tons of free yoga sites and apps, not to mention YouTube channels.

If you want to find a community to keep you motivated, try Do Yoga With Me. There are free videos and forums, as well as paid tiers to access even more content.

When it comes to apps, I use Simply Yoga once or twice a week. The free version gives you a couple of different routines at different lengths, and the paid version is only $4.99 (one-time payment, not a subscription) and allows you to put together your own custom routine based on the poses in the app. You can also check out this great list of more yoga apps.

YouTube also has a plethora of fitness-related videos, and yoga falls into that category!Yoga with Adriene is great for all levels and any sore spot you might need to work on. Check out some other yoga YouTube channels here.

So get flexy, get stretchy, and relaaax this weekend.

Stretch it out

Podcasts for life

Podcasts are taking over the mainstream media industry (sorry, hipsters!)

Serial seemed to kick it all off… The intense, enthralling murder mystery drew in audiences and inspired countless crime podcasts. Other genres weren’t far behind.

There are podcasts on countless topics, from true crime, to news, to business, and more. Most talk radio shows from NPR and other news stations are turned into podcasts, and NPR makes their own dedicated podcasts like Invisibilia.

Business podcasts like StartUp and The Tim Ferriss Show are picking up steam and inspiring people around the world. Science podcasts like Science Vs. and Science Fridayare educating the world about awesome and sometimes controversial topics. True crime seems to have found a major audience in podcasting. In the DarkUp and Vanished, andCasefile are some of the most popular crime podcasts. They’re riveting – check them out!
Apple is currently working on new ways to measure user interaction with podcasts. Podcast creators will soon be able to see how many listeners are listening to which episodes, whether or not they listen all the way through, and which episodes they listen to multiple times. It’s going to change the industry, and it will hopefully open the door for more podcasts in the future!

Nothin’ but the best

In the News This Week:

Amazon’s hungry: today, Amazon bought Whole Foods for almost $14 billion. They’re taking on the brick-and-mortar retail world!

Signed, sealed, delivered: it’s not very often that you need something notarized, but when you do, it’s like you forgot where to find one and you don’t have any time to get there. What if you could find one online?

Melodrama: Lorde released a new album today, and it’s being heralded as the best pop album of 2017. All hail our Lorde and savior.

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