Don’t be so hard on yourself!


Being So Hard on Yourself Might Be Destroying Your Mental Health — Here’s How I Stopped

Hello, my name is Hattie. In 6th grade, I didn’t make the volleyball team. I failed my driver’s test the first time I took it. I have received an F on a test I studied a whole week for. I have watched hours of makeup tutorials so I could feel pretty. I never got the ACT score I wanted. I have simply felt like I don’t add up and am not enough. Oh, wait…were you expecting something more sugar coated?

1. Find the exception

It’s a feeling that is triggered by outside forces and affects the deepest parts of us. These thoughts combined with the pressure of today’s world can end up tearing down the confidence we hold within ourselves and blow our self-esteem to pieces. Ouch. According to, several synonyms for “not enough” includes words such as incomplete, lacking, weak, and my personal favorite, imperfect. It’s one thing to read those words, but in today’s world, we have started to believe them to be true about ourselves.

The sad reality is that in today’s society, we constantly feel the need to attach our worth to our accomplishments and appearance. We use the number of likes on our selfie to determine how pretty we are, squeeze into uncomfortable, tight clothes to flaunt our bodies and run ourselves down trying to get the perfect GPA to be the “perfect” student…why you may ask? To fit into the mold society has created for us. Our self worth is constantly on a see-saw of acceptance or rejection. How did we allow it to get this far? Will we ever draw the line? When was the last time you believed you were enough…or have you ever?

It can be almost impossible to change your mindset into a more positive one when you are lost in a jumble of thoughts of how you’re simply not enough. When I think that I am doing terrible at balancing MY life or that my grades aren’t the best, I think…. What’s one small exception to that thought?So what are you waiting for?

Life isn’t a highlight reel!

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