15 things for your backpack!


Backpack Essentials: 15 Things Should Be in Every Student’s Bag

When I was a kid, I hated packing my backpack. I’d always leave it until right before it was time to leave for school, which resulted in many a hectic morning. It also resulted in a number of forgotten homework assignments, textbooks, and writing implements.

Best Backpacks for College

These days, however, I love figuring out the optimal things to carry around in my backpack. Even though I don’t attend classes anymore, I still carry a backpack when I go out to run errands or work at coffee shops. So in this article, I want to take a look at what should be in your backpack for college. In addition to what you should pack, I’ll also take a brief look at some of my favorite backpacks.

Before I get to the list of things to put in your backpack, I want to briefly address which backpack you should get. To begin, if you already have a backpack that isn’t falling apart and holds the things you want to carry, then there’s no need to get a new one. I used the same Jansport bag through all of high school and college, even taking it on two backpacking trips through Europe.

But if your high school backpack is looking a bit ragged, I have a couple of suggestions for a replacement. My first recommendation is the YESO laptop backpack. This bag has enough pockets to hold whatever you need to carry, and it can fit laptops up to 17” (43.18 cm). It even has a pocket for your phone.

Does your backpack have these 15 items!?

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