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5 Managers On What Makes Someone An Instant Hire

You’ve done it: You landed that job interview. After all the resume sprucing and cover letter writing, you finally got the call from HR and your first interview with your dream company is on the books. Now, it’s all about landing the job.

Do your research, but don’t go overboard

But where to begin? Between figuring out what to wear, what questions to ask, and whether or not you should send a thank-you note, you might be feeling overwhelmed. That’s why we asked 5 women who’ve dedicated their careers to hiring talent (like you!) to share their best insider advice. This is exactly what hiring managers look for during an interview.

Colleen McCreary is the chief people officer at Credit Karma and has completed approximately 10,000 interviews during her career. She told us about one interviewee who nailed the interview and landed the job almost immediately—even though she didn’t stand out on paper or LinkedIn.

“When I met with her, from the moment that I shook her hand, she was engaged, she used my name right away, she was exceptionally savvy relative to the hallway conversation as we were walking down to my office,” McCreary says. “Then we sat down, and basically every question I asked her, she was able to ask a question back that was right on target, very thoughtful. She did not seem to get flustered at all.” Sounds impressive. If you’re ready to become an “instant hire” like McCreary’s candidate, here’s what to do before, during, and after your interview.

It’s a two-way conversation!

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