New food science


New food science

In perhaps the greatest technological advancement of the century, a group of scientists have created a new system that will allow you to experience food in a whole new way. (As if we really needed more ways to love food.) The device quite literally levitates flavor directly onto your tongue, so you can stop wasting your time with cumbersome forks and knives and start living your life to the fullest.

Holographic meatloaf

The food industry is always exploring new technologies—just google “molecular gastronomy” and be amazed—but this one just might take the levitating cake. The floating food device uses “low-cost ultrasonic transducers” to create a standing wave, which they then manipulate to act as “acoustic holograms.”

If you’re like, uhhh… what? It’s okay. So am I. All you really need to know is that it can transport the flavor of literally any food… directly into your mouth. It might even improve the flavors of certain foods; in preliminary tests, it was found to reduce the averse effects of bitter tastes while preserving the good ones. This technology may not be readily available, but you can still dream. Till then, looks like you’ll still have to do the dirty work next time you’re faced with a basket of onion rings.
Convenience food

America’s favorite fast food

It’s not what you think. Despite the fact that you’re almost always within a disturbingly short radius of a McDonald’s, the country’s number one chain is… *drum roll*

…Chick-Fil-A. Guess people really can’t resist those waffle fries and that special sauce. In an analysis by Business Insider, the fried chicken behemoth slayed the competition. It’s not the most popular in every state, but it did win the majority of the nation.

Winner winner chicken sandwich dinner

According to BI, Chick-Fil-A generates more revenue per restaurant than any other fast food chain in America—even McDonald’s. Surprising, right? Amazingly, Mickey D’s only won in North Dakota, Alaska, and Washington, D.C. Other outliers include Texas and Utah, who pledge allegiance to In-N-Out Burger, and Vermont, whose people prefer Wendy’s.

Perhaps the weirdest winner, though, is Hawaii, which cast its vote for Popeye’s. Hawaii, of all states. I mean, no hate, Hawaii. I’m just surprised that Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen didn’t get more votes in, you know… Louisiana. To each their own, I suppose. Which chain did your state declare #1?
Fries with that?

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