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Guide to New York City for Cheap (ish)

New York City is expensive. If you live in Tokyo, Osaka, Oslo, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, Caracas, Geneva, Zurich or Singapore, then fine, you can do New York City for cheap compared to living  your city. Otherwise, New York City is indeed the land where if you can make it here, you can (probably) make it anywhere. You can barely even catch a break living outside of Manhattan. If you consider the five boroughs independent cities, three of them still often still rank in the top 10 most expensive places in the United States.

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First-time readers (welcome), I should tell you I live in New York City (Queens, to be precise). People have asked why I choose to live in such a pricey place. My youthful obsession with Friends aside, I always wanted to live in New York and started saving money in college to finance a move post-graduation. Luckily, I landed a job here three weeks after receiving my diploma in May of 2011. Sure, it is a really expensive place to live, but I’ve managed to thrive because I know how to handle my money and more importantly find a deal. A few readers asked for me to share any inside knowledge about how to plan a trip to New York City for cheap (or finding cheap entertainment for those who live here). I found many of these ideas by reading The Cheap Bastard’s Guide to New York City (thanks, 妹妹).

SIGHTSEEING- Explore Grand Central Terminal (do it by yourself for free. If you’re a Mad Men fan then grab a drink at the Oyster Bar or Campbell Apartment). Take the tour of the New York Public Library (a personal favorite). Walk around Central Park (it’s obvious, but had to be mentioned). Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Walk the High Line. See the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island by riding the Staten Island Ferry.


Go to a comedy show – improv theaters often host free shows. UCB hosts ASSSSCAT 3000 for free on Sunday nights at 9:30. Stars often include cast members from SNL, 30 Rock,  The Office and The Colbert Report. The PIT offers free shows on Wednesdays. Attend a live taping of a show (yes, they are actually free if you can secure tickets. I’ve done Letterman, Fallon, MTV’s Nikki & Sara Live and SNL — many of which date how long I’ve lived here).

The Big Apple!

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