Packing for your semester abroad


Things you don’t want to forget when packing for your semester abroad

With a fresh semester on it’s way and summer sneaking around the corner, you might be preparing for a trip of your lifetime! Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity, but you’ll be tasted with the most complicated part of the process, no–not the application, THE PACKING! You might be preparing early, but here’s my top 3 essentials you don’t wanna leave at home. 

Top 3 Must Haves!

1.A portable charger

Think about this purchase as an investment into your future traveling self, whether abroad or at home. I have already found myself at 1% (both mentally and on my iPhone), but having my portable charger ready to go in my bag saved the day. No one wants to be stranded in a foreign city, confused about which side street to take to get to your apartment.

2.Sweatpants (For those lazy days)

Let’s not forget there is an education aspect to this whole study abroad thing! While you may be more focused on equipping your wardrobe with chic looks, it’s just as important to pack clothes that will make you feel comfy and cozy; those outfits will get you through bouts of homesickness.

3.A tote bag

While you can always splurge on a plastic or paper bag, which European cities often charge for, it makes lugging your groceries across a city less stressful and more doable if you bring with you one or two tote bags to cram your almond milk in. Not to mention, doing so will decrease your environmental footprint––maybe that moral decision will influence Ryanair to promote you to first class (if such a thing exists).

More essentials here!

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