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Planning a weekend party? Whether you’re planning a small group of friends or a straight-up rager, you’ll want to do a little planning ahead so you don’t blow all your money this weekend.

The first thing you want to plan out is the where. If you live in a studio apartment and you’re planning on more than 5 people coming, you’re probably going to want to find somewhere else. Lots of apartment complexes have a common area or game room that you can reserve (sometimes for a fee, sometimes free), which can be great. Sometimes there are outdoor spaces available as well. If your apartment complex has none of those options, find a friend who maybe lives in a house, or find a public park or space that will allow you to host a get-together.

Then you probably want to plan out the food and drinks, which is probably where the money part comes in. A summer party is a great kind of party to ask people to bring some food or drinks to share, so think about asking each of your friends to bring something they like. That way everyone spends a little bit, instead of one person spending a lot. It doesn’t have to be a full-on meal either. If your party is in the evening, chances are, people have already eaten dinner, so they’ll just want snacks or drinks – that helps keep it even cheaper.

Lastly, crank up the tunes! (Wow, am I from the 90s? Wait… yes. Yes I am). Grab asummery Spotify playlist for the evening and relax.

Good food, good friends

What to watch

Maybe you’re not a party person. Want to stay in and watch TV all weekend? Be our guest. Here’s what all of us at StudySoup HQ are watching:

  • Silicon Valley: our Head of Operations, Danny, loves this comedy about a group of guys struggling to build a startup in, you guessed it, Silicon Valley. Find it on HBO to watch the first 4 seasons!
  • The 100: our Campus Operations Lead, Shawn, recently started watching this riveting post-apocalyptic survivalist alien drama (enough adjectives for ya?). Find it on Netflix to watch the first 4 seasons!
  • Broadchurch: our Customer Success Manager, Elaine (hi, it’s me), just started watching this BBC show starring David Tennant and Olivia Coleman. Find it on Netflix to watch the first 2 seasons!
  • The Americans: one of our developers, Kristin, and our Head of Marketing, Katy, like this show about KGB spies pretending to be an American couple in the Reagan era. Find it on Amazon Prime Video to watch the first 5 seasons!

What’re you watching?

In the News This Week:

A different travel ban: California has officially banned all state employees from taking business trips (i.e. trips paid for by CA) to Texas and 3 other states as a protest against certain laws concerning the LGBTQ community in those states.

In a galaxy far away: the two original directors for the Han Solo origin story movie have departed from the project due to “creative differences.” Ron Howard has reportedly taken over.

Mission control: Facebook has released a new mission statement, centered on bringing people together with a message of unity – basically inspirational talk about improvements that are being made to Facebook Groups.

Making progress: Announced this week by the National Parks Service, for the first time in 42 years, the grizzly bear will be taken off of the endangered species list. Populations of the iconic bear have grown over 500% in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem since 1975.

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