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How to Get Sunshine With a Full-Time Job

When you have a traditional 9-to-5 that keeps you in an office all day, getting outside feels like a such a relief. The amount of time you spend outdoors can have a really positive impact on your mental, physical and emotional health. There are numerous benefits to getting outside, and even a brisk, ten-minute walk can help stabilize your mood and lower blood pressure.

Switch up the scenery.

Some say that traditional work schedules have limited freedom. Whether you agree or not, the reality is that a lot of us are going to have a traditional work situation once we graduate college (well, at least some of us will). That means going to work a couple hours after the sun rises, and leaving just as it sets. Having a job you like can help each day feel less static, but it’s not the only factor to having a happier, healthier work life. 

Do you have a long to-do list and a cute coffee shop to check out? If your job allows it, try to spend part of your day in a different location. You can even try to convince your boss to let you hold a meeting outside, if you don’t need a fancy PowerPoint or projector screen. Sometimes all it takes is a different building to kick things up a notch.

While a 9-to-5 job may seem limiting, especially if you’re an active person, it doesn’t always have to be. And, if most of us are going to be working these, then it’s time we brainstorm innovative ways to transform our jobs to the 21st century.

Take some extra time to exercise!

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How to Pencil in Travel Plans

Oh, remember the glorious college days when we were blessed with fine luxuries like spring break and summer vacation? Every day I miss getting to take a whole vacation dedicated to vegging, sunbathing and partying with my closest friends without a care in the world (except for some upcoming finals).

Plan ahead to manage your paid time off

The best way to ensure you’re traveling is to plan to travel. Kick that procrastination to the curb and grab your fave adventuring companion, a dream destination list, and your yearly calendar because it’s time to vacay. Planning ahead is vital when it comes to ticking off your desired travel arrangements.

For the true travel hungry, you can jet off the Friday night after work and travel for over a week using less than five vacation days. This is ideal for those long trips you’re eager to take but don’t know if they’re worth sacrificing all those PTO days for.

It’s important to be strategic with the time you choose to take off. Killen continues, “Of course, I don’t choose to take a break in peak season or when the whole office is requesting time off for summer vacation. If I’m planning to take extra days, I make sure to schedule it when my workload is slowing down. As far as not getting paid for extra days, I just accept it. Life is short and you have to give yourself time to take it all in.” It’s also important to note that PTO is a negotiation, so if you feel like your vacation days are less than ideal, bring it up to your boss.

Prioritize yourself!

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