Pizza pricing


Pizza pricing

Pizza: a cornerstone of our culture, the best study food. There’s almost no limit to what you can put on pizza. Make it yourself, get a frozen one, or order delivery – they’re all delicious, quick, and easy.

Which states have the priciest pies?

Pizza is everywhere. It is one of the ultimate comfort foods, so you’re almost never going to be in an area in the continental US where there isn’t pizza nearby.

That said, the pricing of pizza varies pretty widely across the country. And weirdly, there’s no geographical or regional trend to pricing. While you can expect to pay anywhere from $7.25 – $15.00 for a large cheese pizza, two states could be right next to one another at either end of the spectrum. Or, in the case of Maine and Alaska, you could be super far apart but have the cheapest pizzas in the country!

How expensive is pizza in your state?

Science to the rescue

Thanks to supermarkets, we’ve gotten used to being able to have any type of produce during any season, even when the fruits and veggies we buy aren’t in season in our particular region. This is awesome, but it’s expensive and it can cause a lot of food to go to waste if the transportation environments for the produce aren’t kept at just the right temperature during shipping.

Edible sensors to save the day

Manually testing the temperature is the main way that produce transport keeps its environments climate-controlled. However, it’s time-consuming and a bit of a pain, so wouldn’t it be great to be able to test and control the internal temperature of the environment remotely?

A researcher in Zurich might have the answer. He’s figured out a way to create a sensor that can be inserted inside of various fruits or vegetables. The sensor itself is made out of materials that are safe for humans to ingest, so it’s nothing you’d have to remove before consuming the produce.

This is a pretty great development and could help shape the way that we can distribute food around the world.

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Today I learned…

…that Wayne Allwine, the voice actor who played Mickey Mouse for 32 years, got married to Russi Taylor who voiced Minnie Mouse. They remained married for 18 years and continued voicing their iconic characters until Allwine passed away in 2009.

…that some churches are using signal jammers to make the congregation stop using their mobile phones.
…that 7‑Eleven stores sell almost 45 million gallons of fountain drinks a year – enough to fill approximately 68 Olympic-size swimming pools.

…that Wilmer Valderrama purchased the Vista Cruiser used on “That ’70s Show” for $500 when the series ended

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