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Sometimes, you really just don’t want to write that English class essay until the night before it’s due.

Those times are best spent with cheap pizza and some classic YouTube channels that are virtually guaranteed to make you laugh. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Jenna Marbles: Jenna Marbles films videos on things we do everyday, like getting ready for dates, avoiding talking to people, etc. Every video is usually some sort of rant and/or a conversation with her dogs — and it’s in the top 20 of YouTube for a reason.
  • BroScienceLife:This channel is dedicated entirely to making fun of dudes who are obsessed with the gym. The guy who runs it is Italian, which makes it all the better. He talks about things like how to skip leg day, making fun of crossfit, and how to show off without acting like you are.
  • College Humor: College Humor features shows like Jake and Amir, a bunch of sketch comedies, and prank videos.

Transform your Productivity

There are distractions everyday that prevent you from getting your work done. You’ve got parties, work, or other activities that you’re a part of, and maybe even YouTube channels that we linked to literally one paragraph ago.

Here are a few things you can do to get your stuff done on time:

  • The Pomodoro Method: The Pomodoro method basically says that you should work for short “bursts” of time, not in long stretches. For example, it’s better to work for 25 mins on an essay and take a 5 min break instead of trying to slog it out for 3 hours straight. There’s even an iPhone app for it.
  • Keep a schedule, not a to-do list. The problem with to-do lists is that they can get super overwhelming. You’ll plan out the to-do’s for the next day, and before you know it, you’ve got the entire page filled and it’s hard to even get started.But by putting your to-dos into a calendar schedule, you can focus on one task for a specific amount of time for each activity instead of spending hours and hours bouncing from one thing to another and ultimately procrastinating it all.

Get more sleep!

A big (and unfortunate) part of our culture today is how little we all sleep.

In college, it’s sometimes even a point of pride. People brag about how little they sleep or how many all nighters they pulled to prep for their exams like that’s supposed to be impressive Lack of sleep just makes you stressed and reduces your performance.

But even when you want to fall asleep, it can take forever. Even if you hit the bed at 2am and get up at 8, you’re probably only getting 5 hours or so of sleep since it takes a while to fall asleep.

According to this article, Harvard doctor Dr. Weil says that the main reason we take a while to fall asleep is because we’re not relaxed enough. So he promotes this thing called the 4-7-8 technique. It goes like this:

  • First, place the tip of your tongue against the front of your palette, and keep it there.
  • Then, exhale fully through your mouth, making a “whoosh” sound as you do so.
  • Close your mouth and inhale while you count to four.
  • Hold your breath and count to seven
  • Exhale fully while you mentally count to eight and make the same whoosh sound
  • Repeat this whole process three times.

This process slows your heart rate and releases more carbon dioxide from your lungs.

It sounds kind of crazy, but hey, a Harvard doctor says it works.

Craziest interview tactics

This thread is one of the best ones on Quora. A bunch of people have written stories about the most ridiculous things they’ve said in an interview and still got the job.

  • One guy told his employer straight up that he served seven years in jail for bank fraud and forgery, and that was why he’s the best person for a sales job. The employer matched an offer from a competitor, increased the bonus, and even paid for some additional software.
  • This other guy was asked if he had any practical skills that would be useful for the job. So, like a normal person, he responded with a Chuck Norris joke: “My tears cure cancer.” After some uncomfortable silence, he adds: “which is unfortunate because I’ve never cried before.” He got the offer.

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