Reinventing the restaurant


Reinventing the restaurant

If you’ve never experienced a cronut, I highly suggest you take to the internet and find one right now. This beautiful pastry is the croissant-donut mashup of your dreams, and it’s been around for a while now. The guy who invented it, Dominique Ansel, is a genius for obvious reasons, but I’m happy to report that he’s also just a swell guy. He, along with several others who work in food, are working to combat the widespread abuse that’s been occurring in the industry for decades.

A happier workplace

Anyone who’s worked in a restaurant for any length of time can tell you they’re not always the world’s friendliest work environment. Raging customers aside, the kitchen is often hostile. Obviously the workers are under a lot of stress—cranking out dozens of plates an hour in a sweltering kitchen is no easy task—but some chefs are taking steps towards a more positive workplace.

In Dominique Ansel’s kitchen, though, you will run into no such problems. “I have a few simple rules in the kitchen,” he said. “There is no yelling, there is no screaming, there is no losing tempers, there are no swear words – that’s very important for me. I believe that I am fighting against generations of abuse in the food industry.” No wonder the guy was able to come up with something as magical as the cronut.
Put on a happy face

Tyson’s moving beyond meat


There’s no avoiding it: vegetarian and vegan options are popping up everywhere. Whether you ascribe to a plant-based lifestyle or not, there are definitely some super-delicious veg-friendly dishes out there—and more people are starting to buy them. Big companies like Tyson are catching wind of this, and funneling their investment dollars into an unexpected industry: fake meat.

Smart business

Alt-meat giant Beyond Meat is partnering with Tyson to bring plant protein to more consumers. This is great news for vegheads who don’t live near specialty stores, and equally great news for people who want to dabble in plant-based cuisine but aren’t sure where to start. Beyond Meat makes an entire line of weirdly believable products that honestly look, feel, and taste pretty much like their real-meat counterparts.

Of course, there are some concerns surrounding this partnership as well. Companies like Tyson are in hot water with sustainability whistleblowers, as their business practices aren’t always the most, well… kosher. Lots of consumers have questions about what this will mean for the ethical side of Beyond Meat. In any case, the partnership will undoubtedly boost sales for Beyond Meat, and perhaps even reshape the future of food.
Tastes like chicken

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