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How I Cut My Average Meal Cost to $3.57 by Meal Prepping

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably familiar with this scenario: You come back to your dorm, apartment, or house after a long day of work, exercise, or studying and you’re starving. So, you open up your refrigerator, only to find a random assortment of leftovers or jars of useless condiments. None of this looks appetizing, so you opt for Chipotle, Subway, pizza delivery, or something else quick and filling. You drop seven, maybe ten dollars—not that bad, you think to yourself.

How Much Money Does Meal Prep Cost?

These small monetary increments add up quickly, though. Even if you only eat out four times each week, that can run you about $150 over the course of a month, and that’s only 16 of your 84 meals. When I started college, I quickly realized this wasn’t a sustainable plan. Fortunately, a friend of mine introduced me to the art and science of meal prepping: cooking and preparing a week’s worth of meals all at once. I haven’t turned back since.

Let’s start with the thing on everyone’s mind: money. Depending on where you shop for groceries, prepping meals for one week will cost between $60 and $100. This may seem steep for a one-time purchase, especially if you’re only used to paying $8 at a time. But let’s solve a quick division problem here: $75 / 21 meals = $3.57 per meal.

Meal prepping doesn’t mean preparing 14 containers of unseasoned chicken, rice, and broccoli (unless that really whets your appetite.) Meal prepping is about cutting corners with time and money, not flavor. Even if you’re a novice cook, there are plenty of ways to cook a wide variety of delicious, healthy meals (we’ll discuss those later.)

And you don’t have to eat boring food!

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