School Shopping & Perseids


Last minute shopping

Most of us are starting school again in the next couple of weeks. As you’re moving in, you might realize you forgot a few things, or you need some more class supplies for school.

Good news for you, most schools are having their back-to-school sales right now. There are a lot of great deals going on, but be careful.

Don’t go broke saving money

What do I mean by that? There are a lot of deals out there that encourage you to spend more in order to save some percentage of your bill. Spend $100, save $10! But if you’re scrambling for “extras” to get from $85 to $100, stop right where you are.  Don’t spend more just to save a few bucks if it’s stuff you don’t really need.

Coupons can be an amazing way to save money, but keep in mind that some of them tempt you to spend more than you’ll end up saving. With that in mind, here’s how to make the most of the back-to-school deals out there:


Like a shooting star

If you’ve got clear skies tonight, go outside after midnight.

It’ll be worth it.

The Perseid meteor shower peaks this weekend – meaning you’ll be able to see around 40 meteors per hour after midnight tonight and tomorrow night.

The Perseid meteors are the most consistent and productive of the annual meteor displays, according to the Washington Post. If you know your constellations, look for Perseus, the one where the meteors appear to come from.

The meteors themselves are actually just the leftovers from a comet that swings by the solar system. Then the earth runs into the leftover little bits, which burn up in our atmosphere and give us the shooting star show.

If you can’t get out this weekend, don’t worry too much. The Perseids should be visible nightly until about August 26th, but they’ll be more vibrant and frequent during the first few nights!

Make a wish!

In the News This Week:

T Swift: the pop star was nothing short of total badassery as she calmly delivered answers during testimony in her $1 suit for sexual assault against a former photographer.

Game of Thrones: just what does it take to make those dragon scenes so convincing? GoT special effects cinematographer breaks it down.

Netflix v. Disney: Disney has decided they’re going to create their own streaming service – but Netflix wants to keep Marvel shows and Star Wars films to itself.

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