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Party Without Fear

A scientist from the UK just invented one of the best things mankind has ever produced.

David Nutt, a pharmacology professor, created a concoction he calls Alcarelle which gets you drunk without the hangover. The man’s Rate My Professor scores just skyrocketed.

Apparently it lets the brain feel tipsy without affecting the parts that make you lose some control of your behavior. And it isn’t toxic to the body like alcohol is — so you don’t have to worry about waking up on the bathroom floor.

It’s still going through the approval stages, but if the professor is able to raise enough funding, this could have game changing effects. Think about all the crazy stuff that happens because people get too drunk — DUIs, crime, all that could be drastically reduced.

But that all depends on whether it catches on. And whether or not it turns out to be like one of those drugs that has side effects that are ten times worse than the actual problem they’re solving.

Either way, should be interesting to see what happens.


A Kickass Way to Score your Dream Interview

Most career advice out there is terrible.

We get fed with generic stuff like “just get out there and network” or “be proactive”, with no real examples of HOW TO ACTUALLY DO ANY OF THESE THINGS. And we feel like losers if we can’t somehow figure it all out ourselves.

So today, we’re going to give you an example of someone who used super creative tactics to land an interview with Airbnb.

Meet Nina Mufleh. She was applying for a marketing job with Airbnb, and realized that a bunch of other people were too. So she created, a website where she broke down (in extensive detail) her recommendations for what Airbnb should do to expand their business.

After tweeting the link to one of the founders, she got an interview almost immediately.

So the next time you’re applying for an internship or a job you’d love to land, don’t just click a few buttons and send your resume out online. Put together a few ideas for how you could help the company solve some of their problems. Here are a couple of other examples of unconventional tactics people have used to land jobs:


Chillax: All Test, No Stress

Midterms and finals are just around the corner. And for many students, it’s going to be the same old cycle of sleepless nights and Adderall fueled anxiety all over again.

But to ace those tests, it’s important to be excited and on your toes, but not to the point of being nervous. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t choke under pressure:

    • Meditate. Who knew one of the most beneficial things you can do nowadays is to sit there for a few minutes.
      Quieting your mind has a ton of health benefits, but the most surprising one is that your brain actually starts to function differently after you start meditating consistently. It becomes easier to stay calm and objective, and handle what you need to without getting stressed.
      You can use an app like Headspace to easily get started.


  • Schedule time for play. Charlie Hoehn wrote an entire book on how to cure anxiety when you’re a workaholic with a million things on your plate.When you have a lot of responsibilities to handle — whether it’s exams or anything else — the last thing you want to do is schedule time to relax. It almost sounds irresponsible.But the counterintuitive truth is that one of the best “productivity hacks” is scheduling time for fun in between your work.Here’s a screenshot of Ramit Sethi’s calendar — as busy as his schedule is, he blocks off chunks in his schedule to take time for himself.


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