In-Season Veggies & Nutella Theft


Eating healthy on a budget

Finding healthy food when you’re strapped for cash is tough. I don’t know about you, but most of what I eat is pasta, because it’s cheap and filling. But I don’t want to compromise my health for my wallet if I don’t have to.

Buying multivitamins is too expensive, so finding fruits and veggies is a must. Frozen vegetables are great, typically not too expensive. They last a long time, too, so if you buy in bulk that’ll be great! But if you want fresh fruits and veggies, there’s another option.

Find it in season

Depending on where in the country (or world!) you live, your seasonal produce will be different at varying times of the year. Grocery stores pay premiums to farmers from other areas of the world to have off-season produce shipped in so that they can supply the majority of fruits and vegetables year-round. But those premiums become your premiums at the cash register.

Do your research before you do your shopping. Buying produce that’s in-season for your region will drastically lower the amount that you spend, while still allowing you to purchase a good amount of fresh fruits and veggies!

Check out this handy-dandy chart to find out what’s in season for your state!

Find your state!

Treat yo self

Sometimes, you just deserve a treat, ya know? If it’s been a long day, we often indulge in an extra dessert, allow ourselves to go out to dinner instead of eat in, or have a drink. But apparently in Germany… someone took that a little to far.

How do you hide a whole truck?

Authorities in Germany have issued a warning that “anyone offered large quantities of chocolate via unconventional channels should report it to the police immediately.”

Um… What??

A truck with more than 20 tons of chocolate treats has gone missing. Poof. Gone. The sweets could be worth $80,000 or more. The contents of the truck included Nutella, Kinder Surprise eggs, and more.

And would you be surprised to learn that Germany isn’t the only place that’s had literally massive thefts of food?

Mysterious disappearing sweets!

Today I learned…

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