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Legit Leadership Experience

You’re never too young to set goals for yourself. As young women, we spend our high school English classes having lofty daydreams about our future, wondering if we’ll end up hustling in New York City or Los Angeles, starting a small company in our hometown, or if we’ll be traveling the world. There are so many possibilities that are available to young women that it makes sense why we’re more driven to choose career over settling down earlier now. If you’re anxious to get a head start on the rest of your life, college is the prime opportunity to truly discover what lights your fire.

Figure out what you’re passionate about

Aside from delving into the major that will hopefully lead to a future career, you can participate in a vast array of extracurriculars that will enrich your college experience—and resume. From the first day you step foot on your college campus, you can be a leader through the opportunities you explore and the way you treat others.  If you know that one day you’ll see your name next to the word “CEO,” there are more than enough opportunities to pursue throughout college that will help you achieve the leadership you crave—and will help shape you into a better person along the way.

If you were a student leader in high school that will probably easily translate into joining organizations in college. Before you sign up for 25 different organizations (seriously, you won’t answer more than half of their emails), really think about what you want to devote your time to during your four short years at university. Obviously, you don’t have to have everything figured out the first time you go to a club fair—an impactful passion project can present itself sophomore, junior, even senior year. Pick the organizations that you know will drive and motivate you. Whether it’s a small on-campus publication or student government, you’ll succeed in the organizations you have the most passion for!

You can be a tour guide, a student ambassador, an administrative assistant, a tutor, or an intern in the marketing department. If you’re seeking to enhance your public speaking and interpersonal skills, being a tour guide or orientation worker will allow you to work on that while having a real hand in the future of your university. If you’re seeking to understand the business behind admission or publicity decisions, start by seeking an internship or administrative job in one of your school’s offices.

Take on leadership!

With UDayton’s online MBA program, students with a business background can earn their degree in as few as 12–15 months while working full time. GMAT waivers available; bachelor’s degree required.

Self Care For Your Finances

Not to @ you, but we know college women double cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize their skin like it’s their religion—but don’t give the same love to their finances. That’s why we’ve partnered with Aspiration to help every college woman make the most of her money with a Spend & Save account. Here, all the ways to ~self-care~ for your finances. 

Stop justifying impulse purchases

Grabbing a quick iced coffee here and there, impulse-buying a new lip balm in the checkout line (I’m looking at you, Leo’s), taking an Uber when the distance is walkable and throwing away $$$ on ATM fees here and there quickly adds up to hundreds—and in some cases thousands—of dollars a year. We justify impulse purchases by saying I deserve it, but what you really deserve is the unbeatable feeling of financial security, and you can get there with Aspiration. Aspiration helps you save hundreds of extra dollars a year by offering zero ATM fees worldwide, because spending money to access your own money is not cute. 

If you could earn money for spending money, why wouldn’t you? Newsflash: you can. Prioritize debit cards that offer cash back rewards and you’ll earn moolah for every dollar you spend. Sign up for Aspiration’s debit card and you’ll earn *extra* rewards for shopping at sustainability-focused businesses. So that organic cotton robe you bought for your next self-care Sunday is totally worth it. 

You use daily SPF to insure your skin against sun damage, so why don’t you put the same effort into protecting your financial assets? Deposits in your Aspiration Spend & Save account are FDIC Insured up to $250,000 per depositor by being swept to FDIC Member institutions. (For details, see their FAQ and visit 

Protect your assets!

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