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Whether you’re working this summer, taking classes, or both – summer is a great time to learn new skills or improve your existing ones.

There are dozens of online courses you can take through various sites. There are several you have to pay for, like UdemyLynda, and Codeacademy, but others like Khan Academyand Coursera offer free courses with certifications that you can add to your resume!

Studying for a business degree? Find an online course or training module that concentrates on Excel/Google Sheets and other common statistics-measuring tools.

Studying politics? Knowing another language is a key component to landing internships and government jobs, as well as general diplomacy. Brush up on the Spanish you took in high school in an online course or via a language-learning app.

Studying English or professional writing? Look into taking a course on WordPress or other blogging software – it’s a great way to get your work out there, and the more you know about the sites themselves, the easier it’ll be for you to self-publish and save some money!

Educate yourself

Mind your P’s and Q’s

Interview etiquette is insanely important to landing the job you want – but there are a lot of people who don’t even know the basics. The more you prep beforehand, the more the interviewer will like you.

First: prepare yourself. Most interviews, especially first-round interviews, are fairly standard and have very similar questions. That means you can find the questions on the internet and prepare answers that are relevant to you and your experiences. Also, research the company! You want to know the basics about the name of the group, what they do, and what the department you’re looking at does as well. It’ll also help you relate your experience and answers to the company itself. It’s also a good rule of thumb to have some questions about the job or company prepared – but if the interviewer answers them during the interview, it’s not a big deal.

Second: time yourself. Keeping your answers concise and relevant to the job you’re interviewing for is of the utmost importance. You don’t want to ramble on about a serving job you had in high school when you’re interviewing for a tech position. Likewise, the interviewer has a set window of time to complete your interview, so you want to have a thorough answer that doesn’t eat up all the time. If you know you’re a nervous talker, practice your sample answers beforehand using a timer. If it’s a phone interview, keep the timer on you and time your answers. If you find yourself going over 90 seconds, you might want to wrap it up!

Third: present yourself. Whether it’s an in-person interview or a phone interview, dress for it. Psychologically, dressing up for important things (even taking tests) can help you to do better because you feel more confident and prepared while you do it.

Fourth: thank them. After your interview, it’s always great to send a quick note of thanks. You can email them if that’s how you’ve been communicating, or you can even write a traditional thank-you card. Every interviewer will appreciate the thanks for their time spent with you.

Good luck!

In the News This Week:

The 51st State? Puerto Rico’s citizens just voted in favor of joining the United States as a full-fledged state. The governor has vowed to make it happen, but Congress has the final say.

Bye, bye, bye: Uber has not had a good year so far. In the latest blow to the company, their CEO, Travis Kalanick, will be taking an indefinite leave of absence… Who knows what’s in store for the company’s future?

More reasons to get a puppy: owning a dog is good for your health – and now it’s backed by research. Dog owners get more than 20 minutes more exercise every day than their non-dog-owning peers.

Get inked: what if your tattoo could do more than just look awesome? What if it changed colors to tell you about your health? This could be a game-changer for diabetics and others, not to mention the awesome factor of color-changing tattoos!

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