Under Your Skin & Music Rememberall


Gettin’ under your skin…

We’ve all seen the progress that’s been made with technology over the years. Everything has gotten sleeker, gone cordless, and the size of almost every device has been shrunk to pocket-size or smaller. And yet… it can do as much as, if not more than, the first computers – the ones that took entire rooms to store the CPUs!

From phones to computers to gaming systems to televisions to artificial intelligence devices and smart homes, technology is mind-blowing and has nestled itself into just about every aspect of our lives.

And now… it’s getting into our DNA. Microsoft Research is working with Twist Bioscience to store data in DNA. Twist Bioscience manufactures DNA, which is a really cool process. Microsoft is then figuring out how to use the DNA to store exponentially larger levels of data than traditional methods of data storage. The density of the data that can be stored in DNA is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (aka a quintillion) bytes of information in a cubic millimeter. That is… insane.

Microsoft has an ambitious goal of making this (bio)tech operationally available within the next decade. Could this potentially spell a way to carry your data with you anywhere? In your own skin? No more lost flash drives…


A Rememberall for music

Everyone likes to be the first to discover something. I mean, just look at how fast hipster culture took off. Everyone wanted to know things “before they were cool”.

So I’m going to give you the tool to know all the music before your friends do. Everyone has Spotify. Ya know what they don’t have? Forgotify.

Yep. Forgotify is for all the songs that have never been played on Spotify. Like… not even once. This is more indie than indie music. You’d think there wouldn’t be many of those – but according to Spotify’s own data, only 80% of their 20+million songs have been played at least once.

Now it’s pretty likely that most of these songs are a little… out there. But maybe you’ll discover a diamond in the rough that you can brag to your friends about!

Play it again

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