Sleep & Arts Degrees

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  1. The importance of sleep
  2. Special offer from Casper
  3. Defending your degree

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Sleep is for the weak

Uhhhhh… No. No it is not. Sleep is very important.

But unfortunately, many college students go with little to no sleep for sometimes days in a row. Trust me, I know!

I worked a night job as a dorm receptionist for a few years. Then I’d go home and nap for an hour or two, and then head to class. Chances are, you’re in a similar boat…

Trust the Science
If you find yourself getting sick pretty frequently, sleep loss is probably the culprit.

According to the Atlantic, one 2014 study of more than 3,000 people in Finland found that the amount of sleep that correlated with the fewest sick days was around 7.7 hours.

The best solution to sleep deprivation is… well, sleep, to be honest. Your best bet for a healthy sleep pattern is = to set a bedtime and a wake up time at the same times every day so your body gets into a rhythm. Also be sure to get in 10-20 minutes of exercise every day.

HOW. About. Coffee? 
Not always your best friend. I know this may sound counterintuitive to you extra exhausted folks out there, but try to consume caffeine at least 6 hours before your sleep time so that it’s not affecting your body when you’re trying to shut down.

And finally, do your best to keep your phone away from your bed. Shining a bright light in your eyes just minutes before trying to sleep is only going to keep your brain active.

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A Poem To Keep You Healthy

To help you remember how to stay sleep healthy, we wrote you this Haiku Poem.Daily sleep and sweat,
phone away, makes for best rest.
No coffee at night!

Defending your degree

If you’re majoring in the any of the fields of arts or humanities, you’ve probably heard about 500 too many jokes about how you’ll end up working in fast food your whole life because you’ll never find a job with that kind of “useless” or “impractical” degree.

I’m here to say: don’t let the haters get you down.

Earning a degree, any degree, gives you a leg up when applying to almost any job, period. So even if you never have a career in your degree’s field (like 83% of all college graduates), having a degree is a wonderful thing.

Still you’ll have people ask you what on earth you’ll do with your humanities degree. And your answer is up to you and what you want to do. Those of us who choose a life in the arts and humanities tend to do so because we value passion over money; we value creation and innovation – and doing things because we love them, not out of obligation.

So keep doing what you love. Get the degree and shoot for the stars.

Monday Shower Thoughts 

  1. I never realized how helpful a flashlight is to my daily life until it became a function on my phone.
  2. Terms and conditions should have TL;DRs
  3. If James Bond is the world’s most famous spy, that would also make him the world’s worst spy.
  4. I used to be all about customizing my ringtone and notification sounds, now I don’t care what sound my phone makes because it’s always on vibrate.
  5. How many trees have been cut down to print copies of The Lorax…?

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