Sleep is Important!


Optimize Your Sleep

Do you remember the last time you had a really good night’s sleep? If you’re in college, it may have been awhile. College students aren’t exactly known for their amazing sleep habits. People brag about caffeine-fueled all-nighters and only needing two hours of sleep a night.

Optimize Your Sleep Environment

But despite what you might like to think, there’s no substitute for good quality sleep. Sleep is like an oil change for your body. Just as fresh oil keeps your car’s engine running cleanly and smoothly, so does a good night’s sleep keep your body in top running condition.

Sleep rebuilds muscle, regulates your metabolism, and helps you stay focused. Also, it’s an integral part of the learning process. Since learning is basically your full-time job as a college student, getting excellent sleep is a must.

Having your alarm clock staring you in the face with the amount of time you have left till you have to wake up for school, work, or saving the world can be stressful, which just makes it harder to go back to sleep.

We all need sleep!

Learn Any Skill in Under 20 Hours

So that you don’t flounder in your attempts to learn a new skill, we have today’s article. We’re going to cover the essential things you need to know to stop wishing you could do something and start taking the necessary action to learning how to do it.

Deconstruct the Skill

Whether you need to learn a new skill for your major, your (current or future) job, or just for the fun of it, this article is for you. Come along as we break down everything you need to know about how to acquire a new skill.

Also, the prioritization part of this step is key, as it will help you avoid wasting time on something that’s unhelpful for your ultimate goal. For instance, if you plan to play only Metallica on guitar, it’s probably a waste of your time to learn how to read standard notation–tabs would be far more useful. On the other hand, if you specifically want to play classical guitar pieces, then standard notation is something you would absolutely want to learn.

Next, you need to eliminate anything that might get in the way of learning your skill. When starting to learn a new skill (or when practicing a familiar one), the hardest part is often overcoming inertia. If you can get past that initial resistance, the rest is easy in comparison.

Steps to success!

Monday Shower Thoughts 

  1. Before the camera was invented, no one had seen themselves with their eyes closed
  2. Getting 1 mistake on a test is usually a lot more infuriating than getting several mistakes.
  3. It’s interesting that Earth always has been and always will be stuck between Love (Venus) and War (Mars).
  4. The car cigarette lighter transitioning to the car mobile phone/electronic device charging port is one of the great repurposing success stories in world history.

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