Solving America’s infrastructure issues


Solving America’s infrastructure issues

We’ve all heard of Flint, Michigan by now. In April 2014, the city’s water source was changed to the nearby Flint River, which was found to be contaminated with bacteria and chemical runoff. The water not only threatened physical danger for Flint’s residents, but it also corroded the already-worn pipes, causing lead to leach into the water supply.

It’s now November 2017, and many parts of Flint are still without clean water. Flint residents aren’t the only ones in danger, though—much of the country is now faced with failing infrastructure that will be difficult and costly to replace.

A national dilemma

Replacing the nation’s pipes isn’t as easy as digging a hole and adding new hardware. There are tons of logistical issues, in addition to lots and lots of politics. Many are proposing plastic as the new material for America’s pipes, but plastic has more than its fair share of opponents too. Lobbyists for the plastic and iron industries are duking it out on Capitol Hill, leaving the entire situation in gridlock.

It’s estimated that local and state governments will spend about $300 billion on new water and sewer pipes over the next decade. That’s a big chunk of their paycheck, but it shouldn’t matter. There are lives at stake.
War beneath the streets

Sustainable delivery services

Your Amazon deliveries are about to get a whole lot more sustainable. UPS is making the switch to electric vehicles. The company has about 180,000 diesel trucks nationwide, 770 of which are already electric or hybrid. An estimated 1,500 trucks will be converted to all-electric engines by 2022.

Rockin’ down to electric avenue

UPS is teaming up with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to complete the project. The renovated trucks will be outfitted with a sweet new chassis, making them 20% more energy-efficient!

UPS recently released a public statement saying that by 2020, one in every four of their trucks will run on alternative fuels. Hopefully other services will follow their lead and do their part in reducing emissions. If they do, get your online-ordering fingers ready. The future’s here, and it’s green.
Special delivery

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