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Spotify together

Just about everyone these days has a Spotify account. Just stream all your favorite music any time you want, no commercials – it’s great.

Several times I’ve had friends recommend songs to me that I say I’ll check out and then completely forget to look it up the next time I open Spotify. Ever happen to you? Or maybe you’re the person who does the recommending…

Well, good news for either party! Spotify now has an integration with Messenger that allows you to build playlists with your friends. Whether it’s just between you and one friend, or a group of people to create roomie house jams or a party playlist, you can collaborate and put together the ultimate music mix.

You can then share your masterpiece playlist with other friends outside of Messenger. Listen away!

Time for a Jam Sesh

The airplane of the future

Air travel is notoriously uncomfortable. Seats seem to shrink every time you take a flight, tickets are expensive and you have to pay for every little thing, and security takes approximately 132 years.

Have you ever taken a train trip? Most trains have dining cars, cars that are equipped for group seating, cars that are equipped for singular seating, etc. Passengers can move around in and between cars throughout their trip to be comfortable. What if planes could be like that?

Airbus is trying to make that happen. Their concept is called Transpose, and it involves modular cabins that can be changed in and out of Airbus jets to create different spaces that could range from regular seating, group seating, and restaurants to day cares, spas, and cycling studios. Say whaaat?

They have a pretty ambitious schedule, too. While they still have to pass FAA restrictions, they want to get these mods in the air within the next five years.

Fly the much more comfy skies

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