Star of the Show & Weekends


Star of the show

Going to a sports game this weekend? Whether it’s baseball, basketball, or you’re already anticipating football season – we’ve got some advice so you can be the coolest one in the stadium.

Because who doesn’t want to be on the jumbotron? That’s right, no one. Getting on the jumbotron is like getting a spotlight, your very own 15 seconds of fame during your favorite team’s game.

And it doesn’t happen to just anyone… you’ve gotta work for it. There are also some guidelines to keep in mind when you and your friends end up on screen!

Conquer the jumbotron

Have a great weekend!

Long weekends are the best, aren’t they?

Monday is Memorial Day, a federal holiday for remembering those who have died serving in the armed forces. There are memorial ceremonies, parades, and celebrations in cities nationwide. While some events are more somber, out of respect and decorum for the military, many Americans choose to celebrate on Memorial Day with cookouts, camping trips, and other events and festivals.

Memorial Day represents the remembrance of fallen heroes and is touted as the “official” start to the summer. Whether you’re spending the day out and about with friends or you prefer to use the long weekend to catch up on some Z‘s, I think we can all agree that it’s time for some warm weather! Oh, and if you’re traveling, here are some tips for avoiding the notorious traffic!


In the News This Week:

  • Bad Teacher: Most of us have received “mock” awards at some point in our lives. Most likely to end up as a crazy cat lady? Okay yeah, that’s me. But this teacher took it about 10 steps too far…
  • Chipotle has another problem: Sorry, Chipotle fans. After numerous E. coli outbreaks in past years, among other issues, Chipotle has announced that hackers have targeted most of their restaurants in a giant data breach.
  • Ariana Grande plans Manchester Benefit concert: After the horrific terror attack at her concert in Manchester, England, the singer will be returning to raise money for the victims and their families.

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