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Still looking for a summer job? Don’t worry, it’s still early, and you’ve got time to find something. Or maybe you need a second summer job, or even a volunteer opportunity to round out your resume.

Local jobs are usually easiest to find. Home for the summer? There’s probably quite a bit of transient work available as a waiter or cashier. Just pop in and ask for an application – sometimes you’ll even land a same-day interview!

If you stayed at college for the summer because you’re taking summer classes, become a tour guide for the incoming freshmen! Orientations run by schools always need volunteers to help out for their events, and a lot of schools will pay you a stipend or hourly wage for your work. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people who go to your school!

Along the same lines, summer camp counselors and coordinators often make great money. If you’re a people person, it’s definitely something to look into. Did you go to a particular camp as a kid and loved it? Go back!

Or maybe you have a particular skill – crafting, web design, gardening, you name it! There are sites that you can use like Etsy or UpWork to sell your skills or products as a freelancer.

There are a lot of options out there. See something you love, but don’t have time for? Make sure you bookmark it for next summer!

Summertiiiiiiime, and I gotta make a living

Money pleeeeeeeeeease

Already have a job? This is probably not going to work if you’re asking for a raise.

But I’ll give you some clues for what will… And I’ve tried them, so I know they do!

Asking for a raise can feel like the most awkward situation of your life. You have to convince your superiors that you’re worth more than what they’re paying you right now with enough confidence to get to your goal but without being conceited or overzealous. So…how do you approach it?

Know what you’re worth. You can use several different tools to determine whether or not your salary is in the average range for your position. If you’re being paid under the average, you can use that information to your advantage during your negotiation.

If a monetary increase isn’t in the cards for some reason, there are other things that you can request instead as means of compensation for a job well-done.

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Getting into college is a pretty nerve-wracking process, but the requirements are relatively regimented, and most people have a clear sense of what schools they can get into simply based on concrete metrics like the SAT, GPA, and, even, their extracurricular participation. But what about the next step – landing a job? Just like getting into college, there are a number of things you can do as a college graduate that increase the likelihood of your chances at landing a dream job right out of university.

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