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Throughout university, commuting has been both a productive and frustrating experience for me. I studied in downtown Toronto while living with my parents in the suburbs about 15-20 miles away. Because of this, I commuted about 3 hours a day for 5 years, and I did it with every form of transportation you can imagine: car, train, bus, subway, hands and knees (okay, that last one might be an exaggeration).

Worst commuter experience

My worst commute horror story happened on the day of my last exam of the university, of all times: The subway line lost power because of a notorious Toronto snowstorm. I had to run go back to my car (which I had already paid the $6 parking for) and drive 1.5 hours to get to school. I could only take slow, inside roads and not the highway because of the rush hour standstill. A huge block of snow fell on my windshield as I was driving and bent my wiper out (so I had to get out in the middle of the road at a stoplight to fix it).

You’ll have to read till the end to know the ending of this story, but if this makes commuting sound like a nightmare, let me set the record straight: it usually isn’t. This was one incident out of hundreds. For the most part, my commutes were uneventful, productive, and even rewarding.

Since you don’t live on campus, no one is going to barge into your dorm room asking where your roommate is. And there won’t be any unplanned beer pong sessions at 1 AM when you’re scrambling to study for your organic chemistry midterm. Some people may see that as less exciting, but if you want the spontaneity, you can always stay over a friend’s dorm room. The key thing is that commuting gives you have a choice of when it’s work time and party time.

Forcing function for productivity!

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