Ugly Produce & Sushi Bazooka


“Ugly” veggies

Did you know that grocery stores screen their produce for beauty? Yep, and it’s smart for their profits: consumers are much more likely to purchase a fruit or vegetable that “looks right” than one that’s crooked, small, or awkwardly shaped.

Sadly, this means that farmers trying to sell the rejected produce typically end up disposing of it, because they can’t sell them to grocery stores and they can’t consume it all themselves. This results in around 40% of good quality food going to waste every year. But these “deformed” fruits and veggies are just as nutritious and delicious as their pretty counterparts.

How do we fix it?

Buy the ugly produce! There are several organizations, like Imperfect ProduceUgly Produce is Beautiful, and End Food Waste’s Ugly Fruit & Vegetables campaign, that have been founded for the sole purpose of promoting and selling this so-called ugly produce to consumers. They use a range of marketing tactics, like great photography skills, hilarious social media posts, and facts and studies that dispel the misconceptions that there’s something wrong with ugly fruits and veggies.

These organizations bank on the population’s growing interest in organic food and knowing where their food comes from in order to sell this produce. Activists across the country are getting involved with these organizations and more, or doing it themselves, to try to reduce food waste.

Meet 5 ugly produce activists

Shut up and take my money

When it comes to food, there are two things I love above all others: coffee and sushi. But not together… Not sure that would be very good. Anyway… I’m a pretty busy human, and I run on a pretty tight budget. I don’t have time to make coffee some mornings, and I certainly don’t have the money for sushi.

Enter: the crazy kitchen gadgets

I guess I can make my coffee on the go now, because there’s a phone case that makes it for me. Yeah guys, a coffee-maker phone case. What?

It’s actually an espresso maker, which is how it fits in such a small space. So it won’t make a full cup of coffee, but it’ll give you the caffeine kick you need to get going. It’s surprisingly affordable, at less than $60.

As for sushi, the individual components are simple enough to find at the grocery stores near me, but putting it together without it falling apart is the really hard part. But the Sushi Bazooka is here to make it all better. Just line the tube with rice, put in your filling, and fold it together. Then pull the trigger and out comes the perfect sushi roll!

Have you ever tried a crazy kitchen gadget? Send us your thoughts/photos – we’d love to see!

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Today I learned…

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