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Books That’ll Wake You Up To The History You Didn’t Learn In School

Amongst the many important subjects that aren’t being taught in schools (*ahem financial literacy*) is alternative, less biased history lessons. While some states are considering whether or not to teach history at all, others, like Texas, are debating which historical facts are approved.


The Eastern Origins of Western Civilization by John M. Hobson: While controversial, this book is a good read when looking for an overshadowed perspective of United States history. The first chapter tells the story of Columbus from the perspective of an Indigenous group; other chapters go on to break down history from a point of view that many are not familiar with. Although written in the 1980’s, this book has been revised and is often revisited by US history buffs.

When China Rules The World by Martin Jacques: The belief often taught in school that modern innovations were introduced by Europeans is challenged in this book, which notes that many big ideas passed on by English forefathers were actually spawned from Chinese innovations. Written by a Canadian scholar, this book is an interesting interpretation of how the Western world has been established based on Eastern influence.

Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief by Jordan B. Peterson: You may have heard about the descending power of the American economy and the increasing power of China’s growth but very little is explained—until now. This book gives an understanding of what is to come as world powers shift. You may be inspired to start studying Chinese after reading this book. Duolingo anyone?

11 must reads!

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