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You’ve probably heard a ton of life advice in the last few years. People who’ve been through college are always trying to tell you what to do to be successful. But “being successful” means something different to many people. You’ve probably heard that you need to go to a particular school, get great grades, and be productive and manage your time according to how much work you can get done.

Thanks to Quora, there’s a whole bunch of advice for college students that doesn’t fit into that model. Are you the most productive at 2am? Or in the hour before your assignment is due? That’s fine. There’s not a one-size-fits-all organization plan for success. In fact, you can cause yourself more anxiety and become less productive overall if you try to ascribe to a schedule that doesn’t work for you.

Have you been told that you need to pick a major and take specific classes asap? Be careful not to close yourself off too quickly. There are so many options for classes and so many things to learn about and experience during college. It’s okay to take classes that aren’t related to your major. You’ll broaden your horizons and experience by taking a variety of classes.

Build yourself, not your resume. You’re in college for an education, but also to learn valuable life skills, as this is likely the first time you’re living on your own. Try new extra-curricular activities that you want to do, not because you think they’ll just look good on your resume. But also don’t be afraid to take time off or some time to yourself.

You do you

Going somewhere?

If you’re planning to study abroad at any point during college, you’ll want to do your research!

First things first, pack enough bags. And I don’t mean pack stuff into bags, I mean literally take bags with you. You don’t want to get to your destination and realize that you don’t have a small bag for day trips or excursions… If your smallest bag is a suitcase, you’re either going to have to buy a new bag when you get there, or you’re going to need a lot of pockets.

If you’re going on a study abroad trip because you speak the language or you’re learning the language, great, but if you’re going for another reason, you’re still going to want to learn the basics of the language and culture. The people there will be very grateful for your efforts, and you’ll feel about 100 times less lost and confused.

Ever used a map? Google Maps doesn’t count. International data plans are expensive, so if you can go without, then do. There’s wifi juuuust about everywhere in Europe, but I can’t speak for other destinations. Make sure you take a map of your own and learn how to read it – even circle the important places you’ll need to go. You may want to buy a map when you get there, too, since it may have more local information.

Bon voyage!

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Prime Day: yet again, Amazon is “killing Black Friday” with their mid-July mega-sale. Did you get anything cool for an epic deal? Send us a pic!

Florida’s not all bad: Florida often gets made fun of for some crazy things that happen there, but today, beachgoers formed a human chain to save a family from drowning.

New Record: Wiz Khalifa’s video for ‘See You Again’ has broken the record for most viewed YouTube video. The last one? Gangnam Style. Yep.



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