Caffeine Alternatives If You Want to Cut Back on Your Coffee Intake!


Fighting your caffeine cravings!

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration defines caffeine as a drug, and while you may be shaking your head in disbelief, it’s one of the most widely abused psychoactive substances in the world. If you’re like me, you rely on your coffee to get you through tired mornings, but the first hour or so of an energy boost can lead to symptoms later in the day such as dehydration, anxiety, irritability, faster breathing, increased heart rate, and stomach pains. None of those sound like a good time to me, no matter how happy I am when I order my Starbucks venti iced caramel macchiato, soy milk please.

As college students who are constantly on-the-go, you probably still crave a morning boost. So I tried out a few coffee alternatives that have significantly less caffeine and assessed my energy levels after consumption, and I’ve examined how I’ve felt on days when I go without. Looking to lessen your caffeine dependency? Read on to figure out what option is best for you!


The natural ingredients such as organic black and green tea and kiwi juice mean there’s no unwanted side effects, unlike when you chug a large iced coffee and then wonder why you’re twitching an hour later. Kombucha is a better alternative to your daily coffee order, but just know that it’s an acquired taste!


There are a few teas that actually provide similar energy to coffee. If you know you’re going to need to focus on a task at hand, Cup and Leaf recommends trying out peppermint tea and ginger tea, among others. These teas are also effective as they reportedly sharpen your memory, lead to a happier mood, and decrease tension. The fresh flavor will immediately spark your senses, perking you up so you can complete that discussion post without nodding off in the middle. 


While I’m not recommending you stop at your local Jamba Juice every day, making a smoothie at home can be an incredible alternative to your vanilla latte. With natural ingredients like fresh fruits, milk alternatives, and acai, you can have a truly energizing breakfast. Not only will you be feeling satisfied, but you can definitely skip the large coffee and everything bagel that you’ve been eyeing for the umpteenth time. 

Above all, ensure that your health is your priority. These are just a few of the options I’ve tried to avoid caffeine without the help of my favorite vanilla latte. You can also try taking energy supplements and vitamins. If your tiredness is truly a problem, consult your on-campus health resources and healthcare provider, as there may be something more serious going on.

Ditching Caffeine!

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