Ways to Make Transferring Schools Easier!


Transferring Schools 

If your first school wasn’t the right fit, you may consider transferring to another one that will better meet your needs. It might have been the location, the academics, the overall vibe or even just a feeling you had. Either way, it’s never a good decision to stay at a college where you feel like you don’t belong. 

There’s no doubt that transferring schools can be scary. However, there are multiple things you can do to set yourself up for a smooth transition and the best way to make that happen starts with you.

Talk to an expert.

Find a trusted advisor that you can rely on to give you the best information. Set up a meeting with both your current and future advisor to talk about what you need to do to prepare for your transition. Make sure you prepare yourself for this meeting so you can get the most out of it and get all of your questions answered. Come with questions and ask if there is anything you can be doing over the summer to get ready for the next year. Advisors have experience with transfer students and know what to tell you in order for you to achieve and make the most of your experience. 

Do your research!

Know what your next school has to offer. The reality is, you might be a little behind compared to the students who’ve already been there. So you should research and find out how you can get involved ASAP! Look into clubs and organizations on campus, and reach out to the groups’ leaders to get more information on how to join, so that you already have extracurricular activities in place before you even start your semester.

Live on campus.

You might feel like you’ve already gotten your fair share of dorm life (especially if you’re an upperclassman), but you may want to consider signing up for a double on campus at your new school. Tight quarters with strangers may seem a little like you’re back in freshman year, but it’s a great way to meet new people and foster relationships, plus its where all of the action happens!

Stay in touch with people from your first school.

Just because you leave doesn’t mean those friendships have to end! Even if you didn’t have a great experience, recognize the good that came out of your time at your first school—namely, the great friends you made.

Have an open mind and stay positive!

It might be rough at first, as most big transitions are, but keep in mind that you’ve made your decision for a reason, and things will eventually go uphill.

Reflect on your past.

Take some time to think about your experience at your previous school. What did you like? What did you dislike? What would you have changed? Unlike most students at your new school, you’ll have had a different perspective before arriving. Try to use your past to your advantage in order to make the most of your next experience! 

Transferring can seem daunting, but it’s an important transition to make if you’re not happy at your current school! While the switch might seem a little scary, there are simple ways to make your transfer smooth and seamless. Good luck, collegiettes!

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