Side Hustles You Can Still Make Money Off Of Right Now!


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Side Hustles

Over the past few weeks, self-isolation has forced so many people to stop working, whether by way of temporary leave or fully losing their jobs. The burdens of being without work can feel especially rough when you’re a young student or professional—in other words, someone who may need to support themselves or contribute to school costs.

Even though this pandemic presents a new challenge, there are still ways to make money during coronavirus if you’re resourceful. Take a look at these side hustles that are still going strong, so you can get back on track.

Delivery Driver

Although it’s something we previously took for granted, accessing food is not so easy right now. Almost every restaurant has closed down, and people are advised to make limited trips to the supermarket. To remedy this situation, food delivery services like Instacart, Uber Eats and Grubhub have stepped up to the plate. Similarly, major grocery chains like Walmart and Kroger need to hire thousands to meet demands for home delivery. Services and supermarkets alike are looking for workers to shop, pick up orders and bring food to people’s doorsteps, so even if it’s not your top pick for a long-term gig, delivering food could really help bring in some extra cash right now.

If you’re worried about the potential risks, remember that these companies enforce no-contact regulations. You’ll use the required preventive measures, stay sanitary and never interact with customers directly.

Online Tutor

It’s time to put your college knowledge to the test. Because most students need to stay at home, a lot of parents have started to look for online tutors to supplement kids’ educations. You can help by becoming an online tutor through platforms like Chegg TutorsWyzant and TutorMe. You’ll teach different kids every day, all while you talk about your favorite topics. Who knew that all those lectures would help you make money during coronavirus?

After you fill out an application, an employee assesses your skills. Make sure to detail your accomplishments, include examples of your expertise and talk about past jobs, too. Once approved, you’ll use your laptop and webcam to help students work through various lessons.


Fast typers, rejoice! Here’s an opportunity for everyone who doesn’t mind a little desk work. Transcriptionists listen to audio clips or watch videos, and transcribe whatever they hear. Then, clients use those words to create subtitles or other documents. For the most part, these positions pay at least $15 an hour—but people with specific backgrounds can make even more.

If you’re interested, all you’ll need is a computer and internet. Look for different websites and apply for every opportunity. Typically, companies provide positions on a case-by-case basis, so you should consider each option. You may need to pass a skills test, as well. Projects tend to vary, which means you’ll need to prepare to take on different topics every day.

You can work as much or as little as you wish. Because of that flexibility, you could continue this side hustle for the foreseeable future. Who doesn’t like some extra pocket change?

Everyone is facing uncertainty right now. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to mean an end to your financial security or your future. Consider one of these side hustles to keep your cash flow moving and your mind motivated.

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