How Do I Keep My Career Plans on Track with Coronavirus Happening?

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With increasing workplace, college, and event closures, uncertainty can start to feel like the new normal. This anxiety is particularly overwhelming for young people just starting to have career plans, looking for ways to expand their skills and experiences to make them more marketable in the future. Add a loss of opportunity on campus or in the surrounding area they’ve been forced to leave, and the worry tends to grow.

Almost every sector of the workforce will be influenced in some way by COVID-19 (coronavirus) and efforts to curb its spread, that doesn’t mean that your career plans can’t remain on track.

Sure, select businesses will be moving toward remote work, but they still need positions filled and people trained. Here’s how you can keep on track in the coming months.

Stay informed

The first step is to identify the company or positions that you plan to pursue and research how COVID-19 will influence the field. Like I said before, there’s no need to panic or become discouraged, but it may be necessary to understand the unique challenges or setbacks to your field, whether it is entertainment, business, or communication, in order to proceed in the job search well.

While it’s true that your career plans can remain on track, it’s also true that you may need to adjust expectations for how it will look. For example, you may not be traveling to do that all-day interview and tour that you dreamed of.

Instead, the hiring manager might ask you to set up a Zoom, Skype, or phone interview. Remember, these can be different than in-person recruiting, so make sure you also stay informed on best practices for these types of meetings.

For any company, you should expect some delays in interviewing and hiring as HR might have other more pressing things to deal with first in the next few weeks.

While that can be disappointing, if you understand the position of the company and remain flexible in your plans, it shows your potential employer that you will be a good fit for their company during a time with a lot of change, which brings us to our next quality.

Get creative

Once you know the challenges faced by a specific field, try to think of ways that your specific personality, skills, or experiences can help the company succeed, even turning potential concerns into potential growth or benefit to the company.

For example, is the company having everyone work from home? Maybe you’re an expert on a new technological platform they could use instead of the one that keeps crashing during important board meetings. Is the team you want to work on worried that their audience is too pessimistic to make purchases right now?

Maybe you have an insight into a new demographic or target audience that’s searching for this product. Stay informed and updated on what your field faces and figure out a way to meet that need, thinking outside of the box.

This is the moment for your ideas, your suggestions, your insights. The best question you could get right now is, “what could this company be doing better and how can you make that happen?”

Be persistent

Keep applying to jobs. Even if your field is experiencing delays or recession. or if your position isn’t the biggest priority for the company. Even if you’re not sure what the future holds. Keep reaching out to employers and keep hustling!

Remember, this is new for everyone

You’re not alone in your confusion or concern. It’s not like you’re the only one without the playbook, forgetting your lines while everyone else has them memorized.

The companies and industries you’re interested in are experiencing the same fears that you are. Be honest about what you don’t know and understanding when your potential employers don’t have all the answers.

Everyone is in the same position right now with their career plans; it’s a time to come together and find new ways of serving your community through your work. Your career path may look different in the midst of these changes, but they won’t be forever, and your trajectory can remain set for success not just despite, but also because of, the effects of COVID-19. See everything as an opportunity for growth rather than a reason to despair.

This post originally appeared on HerCampus

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