Your Complete Guide to Deep Spring-Cleaning Your Home


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Spring has arrived!

If the buzz of ‘social distancing’ and ‘quarantining’ is an onset of stress, don’t worry– you’re not alone. Currently, the coronavirus is consuming our news and day-to-day lives, as the United States now has over 82,000 cases and the CDC is advising us to avoid social gatherings of over 10 people. It’s hard to find calm in the chaos, but there are ways to keep a sound mind–and feel like you have some semblance of control–while practicing social distancing.  

This week, my family is all under one roof (a rarity), and we decided to kick off our week inside with some spring cleaning. Now’s a great time to tackle a new daily project around the house, or get to that pesky closet clean-out you always put off. Here are a few tasks you should add to your to-do list, and tips on how to get them accomplished.  


Clear out clutter on shelves and in drawers 

Devote a bit of care to the corners of your home collecting your clutter: baskets, shelves, and bins. I was holding on to every test I took in high school in overstuffed in folders in my office space, along with an abundance of junk in baskets around my room. Go through your junk drawer, sentiment boxes, and files with old documents to recycle the excess. It sounds basic, but it’ll free up space and create room for new files and items to come.  


Declutter your shoe stash 

Since I’ve been the same shoe size since I was 12, I’m guilty of rarely sorting through my shoes. Take a look at those as well, and keep the ones you regularly reach for. Donate the rest so they make it to new, worthy homes, and trash that ratty pair of sneaks from high school that you know you shouldn’t be wearing anymore.  


Discard old bath and body products in the bathroom

Clutter in your bathroom is easily built-up. After the holidays, we’re all overstocked on Twisted Peppermint lotion that goes unused for another year. Take time to sort through untouched bath and body products, either unopened or almost used up.  

There are tons of options to donate unopened or gently used bath and beauty products to consider. Your surplus could be of great use to a local women’s shelter, or anywhere else near you that accepts these products. 


Discard old dishes and glassware that have seen better days 

I know—mugs are incredible, and each one of yours is special. But if your cabinets are bursting at the seams, it could be time to consider donating old dinnerware and cookware and consider investing in some fresh new staples. Stop hanging on to chipped dishes and dirty pots, and give your cabinets some organization. 

Cleaning can be a great way to ease anxiety, keep busy and freshen up your home while staying indoors and doing your part to wish away COVID-19. Stay healthy and well. 

Spring Cleaning!

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