How to Stay Productive During Virtual Learning Courses


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So your classes are now online….

In the last week, the recent spread of COVID-19 has and continues to disrupt life on-campus —  from study abroad programs being canceled to universities switching to online classes, and in some cases, having students move off-campus. If your usual class schedule has changed drastically, it can feel overwhelming, especially if this is your first time taking online classes. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious about this new shift in your routine, here are a few ways you can adjust (and thrive) as a remote learner.

Set Clear Boundaries With Your Home

Going from working in a classroom to working from your home can feel like a huge transition, especially if you’re only familiar with learning in a certain environment. By the nature of “work from home”, there are going to be a lot more distractions than in a traditional classroom.

If you’re moving back home for your online classes, try communicating clear boundaries with those you live with about your new schedule and expectations. Family members or friends may be happy to have you home, but it’s important to communicate that you are still focused on your schoolwork and classes for the remainder of the semester.

Treat It Like Your In-Person Classes

If your classes are held in a large lecture hall, it might feel straight-up awkward handling a class from your home. One of the easiest ways to excel in an online class, according to Northeastern University, is by treating it just like a “real”, in-person class. For this reason, it may be helpful to still maintain your morning or evening schedule that you had on-campus.

For example, if you used to wake up an hour before your class in the morning, try to keep that morning ritual in check. Instead of using half of that time in the morning to walk or commute to your class, use it for yourself—make yourself breakfast or take some time to meditate before beginning your classes.

Know You’re Not Alone in This Adjustment

Going from having a million and one things to accomplish on your on-campus to-do list to only having to deal with your now-online classes can be stressful. You are working through an entirely new routine, and you should recognize that it may take some time to become adjusted. Don’t feel overwhelmed if you aren’t immediately feeling as productive or focused as you used to.

If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed in this new and sudden situation, know that you’re not alone. Consider reaching out to your on-campus coaching or counseling services—even if you’re learning from home, your university resources may still be able to help you in maintaining your personal wellness.

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