Thinking of Taking Up a Side Hustle?


Side Hustles for the Win!

If you’re thinking of taking up a side hustle, you’re not alone. Let’s face it, we would all love to have a little extra money. Side hustling is about figuring out which of your unique skills could be valuable to other people and this could literally be anything. Side hustles are great for adding to your savings account or simply funding your Starbucks cravings. No matter what, there is something out there that can help you fill up your free time and make money potentially doing something you really enjoy.

Dog Walking

Do you like dogs? You could earn money walking dogs. There are many apps out there that can connect you with people locally who don’t have the time during the day to give their pups the attention they need. You can help them with that!

Not a dog person? Weird, but don’t worry! There are a multitude of options for you to choose from in order to make some extra money. 


If you like helping people and want to use your expertise in a certain area, try tutoring! This doesn’t have to be limited to academic classes! You can tutor people in other subjects such as sports or playing an instrument. Not only will you have the opportunity to make a difference, but it’s a great resume booster. It shows off your ability to mentor and proves you’re a pro at what you do. 

Need to craft your own schedule? 

Well for this gig all you need is a car, smartphone, and a clean driving record. Drum roll please… Ridesharing! If you like people and don’t mind driving strangers around this is the perfect option to make some extra cash. You choose your schedule, get to meet new people, and explore new areas of the city! 

Last but not least…

Know your city or campus inside and out? Try becoming a tour guide. You don’t really need any prior experience and it’s another opportunity to meet new people while making up to $60 an hour doing it! Sheesh, that’s easy money! 

Side hustles are all about being creative and finding something you like doing that can also make you some extra money. Find it and let’s make our wallets fat 2020!

The Hustle is Real!

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