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 Multiple Choice Tests

When it comes to multiple choice tests, there’s this common piece of advice that always gets thrown around: When in doubt, always pick C. At least, that’s the letter I was told–maybe you heard it was B. Whatever the letter, this advice pops up everywhere.

Skim Over the Test Before You Start

This technique lets you get an overview of all the questions the test is going to cover. As you’re doing this, you can quickly answer any questions that stand out as really easy.

However, another benefit of doing this is that you’re priming your brain a little for each question. Sometimes, multiple choice test questions will contain details that might hint at, or even outright answer, other questions on the same test. Now, even if you know nothing about the boundless respect Bonaparte had for one of these men, there’s an answer here you can immediately eliminate. Still, maybe you’re stumped about which of the three remaining answers is correct.

All of the above tips are great, but ultimately, preparation is the most important aspect to succeeding on any test, including multiple choice tests. Nonetheless, the tips I just covered should help you increase your score in the event that you get stuck on a question…which is pretty much inevitable. If you want even more advice on dominating your finals (multiple-choice and otherwise), check out my Ultimate Guide to Acing Your Final Exams, which is a collection of all my best content on studying and test taking.

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How to Wake Up Feeling Motivated

Most of us deal with the occasional lazy, zero-motivation morning. You know the feeling – you wake up knowing you have a bunch of stuff you need to get done, but you just can’t convince yourself to do any of it. So you sleep in instead. Or maybe you get up and waste time playing Mario Run on your phone. Before you know it, 11:00am has arrived and you’ve done nothing.

Experiment with Your Schedule

Even though my girlfriend likes to occasionally accuse me of secretly being a robot (which isn’t true – I love circulating oxygen through my clearly biological respiratory system and exhaling carbon dioxide as much as the next fellow human), I’m not immune to this problem.

Yet both Murakami and Atwood have been incredibly successful authors. So have many others, all with differing schedules and habits. What this says to me is that there’s no perfect formula for success; you can structure your day in whatever way you see fit, as long as it helps you maintain motivation and drives you towards achieving your goals.

One thing that can really kill your motivation in the morning is a long task list that you know you can’t finish. This is why I advocate using a productivity system that combines both a master task list and a daily task list; that way, you can keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed by only looking at your daily list on most days.

Do One Thing You Love Every Morning!

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