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Horoscope Says It’s Time For Balance

May kicks off with some anxiety-triggering transitions. The new moon on May 4 might bring big revelations and big growth, or it can just bring you big mistakes. The key is to not rush yourself so you don’t create more problems than you solve.

For May:

On May 15 transitions soften, making it a good time to receive and give attention to the parts of your life that have been needing it. By the time the explosive Blue Moon in Scorpio passes on May 18, you may be feeling either drained or utterly inspired. For best results, seek balance between what needs to get done and what you need to feel right with yourself, my loves.

This isn’t the time to be spinning your wheels, Aries. If you find yourself fixated on what you hope doesn’t happen, do your utmost to flip the script; your thinking is one of the few things that you can actually control, so even if it’s really hard, that’s a good place to start. It’s time to pour your energy into your dreams and passions. Act in ways that reflect who you want to be, even if this month your situation isn’t what you wish it was.

Look at the role of abundance and success in your life, Taurus. Do you shrink away from too much attention? Do you find that your desire for attention corrupts your integrity? Or perhaps you avoid expanding to your fullest potential because you’re too attached to a life of struggle? Unpack your limiting beliefs so you can finally put them away. You have so much potential; it would be such a shame to waste it because of fear, or worse, habit.

What does your horoscope say!?

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