Back to College Survival Guide

This week our friends at StudyPool put together a Back to College Survival Guide to help you CRUSH it this semester. Check it out!

College is a clusterfunk of social, academic, physical, and mental needs; each screaming for attention and fighting for the your leftover scraps of time. So many things you need to do, yet so little time.

We went to college too and we know this story all too well ­ if only you had just a few more hours to study, cram for the exam, or sleep. But you never have enough time.

Yet there’s always that guy, you know the one that gets 8 hours of sleep, 4.0 gpa, eats 3 meals a day, goes to the gym, shows up at parties, and still has time for his super clingy girlfriend. That guy who’s killing it in college and seems to have unlocked the unlimited time cheat.

Today I’m going to tell you his secret. I’m going to teach you to be ‘that guy’.

No, his secret isn’t that he’s the smartest kid in class (though it definitely doesn’t hurt), he is crushing college because he is the most prepared.

College prep starts day 1, actually day 0 before classes even start. Think about college like a zombie apocalypse: do you want to be the guy caught off guard, constantly scrounging for supplies, food, weapons; always on the brink of death? Or that guy who is chilling in his bunker with a years worth of supplies and weapons way before the apocalypse? That’s the same guy who’s killing it in college.

So how do you start prepping? Well similar to how you don’t wait until you’re dying of starvation to search for food, you don’t wait until the last night to start a project. Just because you managed to survive by finding food last minute last time, doesn’t mean you should do it again. Sure you can get a C after pulling an all­nighter, chugging red bulls, and studying for 15 hours straight. But you could have spent 3 hours a day for 4 days and received an A, because your logic didn’t break down after the 5th page, and your conclusion wasn’t written by a sleep deprived maniac.

No one ever survived the fall of society alone, (except for that woodsy survivorman who hunts deer with his bare hands and probably has some kind of antisocial disorder) regardless you’re probably not him and you don’t have to survive class alone either. Attending office hours, getting friends to help you through projects/problem sets, can be well worth your time even for classes you are confident you will pass. Sure you have to spend more time in class when all you want to do is run to your dorm and play video games. But think of this as a time investment. By figuring what needs to be learned and getting help early, it will save you the scramble where you waste countless hours trying to decypher the professor’s cryptic instructions the night before the project is due. Being friends with the smartest people in class also lets you save time by not needing to figure out everything yourself.

Finally don’t study hard, study smart. Yeah, we know it’s cliche, and something you roll your eyes whenever you hear those words. But there are online resources that will save you countless hours of studying for free or a very cheap rate… wink wink nudge nudge, Studysoup. But there are many online resources, like Studypool, which will match you with tutors on a per question basis. Whether you’re stuck on programming, an economics paper, or cramming for calculus, Studypool helps you get past those tricky problems that eat all your time and kill your grade. There are many others that you can find with a quick google search but these are the only two I will list for you.

Remember it’s never too late to start prepping even if classes have already started. With these tips in mind, college isn’t too hard after all: Be prepared, save time, be that guy ­ survive college. Make us proud.

Think about it like the end of the world. College pretty much works the same way, except unlike a zombie apocalypse, classes do happen.

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