10 Tools No Computer Science Student Should Go Without

With promising job growth and higher than average starting salaries, computer science has become a more popular major among college students in recent years. Today’s students are exposed to growing areas within the field, including artificial intelligence, security, human computer interaction, programming languages, and much more.

To help students get ahead, we’ve put together this list of 10 tools that no computer scientist should go without.

10 tools for computer science students


As a computer science student, you’ll be looking at a computer screen…a lot. And similar to other college majors, you’ll likely find yourself continuing to work into the wee hours of the morning. F.lux adjusts the coloring of your screen, mimicking the position of the sun. So as it gets darker outside, your screen adjusts itself to be closer to indoor lighting, helping to reduce eyestrain.



Wolfram|Alpha is the ultimate computational search engine for any student studying math or science. It can help with tasks such as solving equations, evaluating expressions, creating graphs, and preparing reports. With its specialty apps, Wolfram|Alpha can help you better understand concepts across 50 different subjects including calculus, statistics, discrete mathematics, and more.  



10 tools for computer science studentsComputer science students are often faced with what seem like impossible-to-solve problems. Whenever you find yourself feeling stuck on a project, trying tuning into TED. The platforms hosts presentations from the world’s top engineers. Listen to their first-hand accounts of how they overcame challenges to create the world’s top software solutions. Who knows, maybe you’ll even spark your own big idea after tuning in!


The Pragmatic Programmer

Sometimes the best tools for computer science students are non-digital. Andrew Hunt and David Thomas’s book, The Pragmatic Programmer, gives practical advice on and best practices for software development for both novices and experts alike.


10 tools for computer science students


Want to get started on using the same tools as the experts? Try downloading Wireshark. Free to install, this is a network protocol analyzer that allows you to analyze all traffic running on a network.



Run by a not-for-profit organization working to build a stronger open-source community, Eclipse is one of the top programming IDEs available today. Collaborate with other individuals and even full organizations on open-source software to create better, real-world solutions.



10 tools for computer science studentsSlack is a messaging app that’s instant messaging and email all rolled into one. Originally created for businesses and remote teams, Slack has found its way into the college classroom. Several universities have begun using to tool to help members stay in touch despite their busy and conflicting schedules.


21” External Monitor

As a computer science student, you’ll be focused on software. But don’t forget about the essential hardware you’ll need. A 21” monitor can help make sure you can see everything you’re working on without straining your eyesight.


Atlasian Software

10 tools for computer science students

Atlasian Software includes everything you need to see a full project all the way through. Their suite of products includes tools that can help you track software changes, collaborate and chat with teammates, find bugs within new code and more.


Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 provides inexpensive and easy-to-use servers on demand. To provide a complete solution, EC2 is integrated with other AWS services including Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, and more.



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