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Being a college student is HARD. For many, it is the first time in your life that you don’t have a constant allowance or you’re figuring out how to budget. And learning how to live within your newly defined means can be a wakeup call. You never want to be that person who realizes they don’t have enough quarters for laundry day. Trust me, it hurts to be too broke to afford to wash and dry.

Luckily businesses all over agree. They feel your pain kid! More than that, businesses want to build a following while you are broke in hopes that once you graduate, make it big in that first job and are ready to splurge, you’ll have a preference for brands- their brands. All you need is a student ID, and you’ll be welcomed into a world of savings.


We’ve found the most envy-worthy discounts to be clothing wise. Relatively high-end brands like J Crew and Banana Republic will give 15% off your entire once you show off that student ID. If you’re like me and would rather just buy online, no worries! With a “.edu” email, these retailers will honor the discount. This offer is also good at their outlet stores, so don’t be shy and bundle your savings.

Probably the king of student discounts on the retail side is Club Monaco, a very high-end clothing brand. For context, most of Club Monaco’s pieces range from $190-$400. Not exactly what we would call affordable! It seems they know that, and so any student can get 20% percent off their entire purchase with a student ID. Sure the price will still be high, but when you are cutting 20% off of big numbers, you really see your savings.


I get that fast food is already incredibly affordable, but we found this to be important because eating at 2am is a special ritual everyone has gone through. Your favorite fast food place wants you to know that every penny counts so joints like Burger King, Arby’s, Subway and McDonald’s offer 10% off your entire order with your student ID card. I bet you would never have thought to flash that ID in the drive through!  

But Pizza Hut had to show them up and is offering 20% off a pie with a student ID, calling it Student Survival. Appropriately named because as we all know, pizza is life.


A lot of tech companies want your student business as well. Apple has an entire separate storefront for students, called the Apple Store for Education.  The idea of the store is to make specific items that are applicable to academic life more affordable. You won’t be able to get a discount on that apple watch since it doesn’t apply to school life, but you will get almost $50 off a regular MacBook Air. They have a bunch of other deals, such as $100 credit with your purchase of a new computer, and more. So definitely ask your genius bar helper to find you the best deal!

And after you pick up your new MackBook Air, head over to for top-notch software programs like BusyCal and BusyContacts to help keep you organized. College students can save 20% off any BusyMac product by sending an email to and including their campus email address and student ID picture to prove student status.

One of the biggest places college students need help saving is on their cell phone plans. US Mobile offers customizable plans that let you get a reliable service for a low cost. The average US Mobile customer pays $15 per month; but if you’re like most Millennials who can’t stand to stray from WiFi for too long, you might end up paying even less. And as a bonus, SIM cards are free for students!


Hey, you’ve got to spend some of your hard earned dollars on things to help you in class. And there really are amazing deals for students, if you take the time to dig. The New York Times offers 50% off their subscription at what they call their Education Rate. This comes to about $1 a month, and you can share your login with up to 4 users.

Want to show someone you care? Try sending them a care package packed with their favorite treats from Send a Care Package! This site has gift baskets made up for every occasion from exams to just because. You can even create a custom basket for your special someone! Use the coupon STUDYSOUP for a 10% discount on your first order.

I know a many of these savings may seem very minor- 10% off of a McDonald’s combo meal for example- but when you really have nothing, this little price cut can be the big something, especially when you see your bill from the bar last night and realize you drank money you didn’t have- again. So let’s all channel our spirit animal Kristen Wiig and grab these savings!


Looking for even more discounts? Check out this ultimate guide our friends over at MoneySavingPro put together!

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