Top 10 Most Innovative Apps for College Students

Looking for a way to stay better organized? How about something to keep you focused while you study? Or maybe you need some sort of tool to help you become a smarter saver.

No matter what your needs are as a college student, there’s an app that can help you. Check out these innovative apps to help college students stay organized, focused, safe, and more.



SelfControl is a free application that allows you to block certain sites while you’re studying. You can choose the sites you want to block and the amount of time you want to block them for. You won’t have access to any of those sites until that time is up, even if you try and cheat by restarting your computer! Even better, the app is available for phones too.


RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator is a great resource when your regular phone calculator just won’t cut it. It looks and acts absolutely the same as the old school scientific calculators, including functions such as constants, unit conversions, memory, and more. There’s even a free version to save you from having to pay for the handheld versions available in store.



Long gone are the days of trying to find exact cash to pay your friends back. Venmo connects directly to your bank account, allowing you to send and receive money to friends and family quickly. Split costs for dinner, concerts, travel, and just about anything else with just a few simple clicks.



Want to stay informed on current events without sifting through all of the internet noise? Sidewire has got your back! It lets you decide who you want to see information and opinions from and cuts out all of the rest. You can even interact with your favorite sources by jumping in on discussions hosted through the platform.



Need to memorize a new concept but don’t want to take the time to create your own set of flashcards? Then check out Brainscape. They have digitized flashcard decks on even the most hard-to-find subjects, including Cardiology, Logistics, Oceanography and more. They even have a few decks dedicated to standardized tests such as college entrance exams and even military exams.



Slack is a messaging app that’s instant messaging and email all rolled into one app. Originally created for businesses and remote teams, Slack has found its way into the college classroom. Several universities clubs have begun using to tool to help members stay in touch despite their busy and conflicting schedules. Some professors have even begun to use it as a way to disseminate information and interact with their students.


Office Lens 

Having a hard time replicating the graphs your professor has up on the whiteboard? Office Lens allows you to use your phone or tablet to take pictures of whiteboards and documents. The app then converts the images into pdfs that you can make edits and additional notes to.



If you struggle to take notes and listen to your professors at the same time, SoundNote is a good option for you. This app allows you to record audio while tracking everything you write or draw. Did you write down something in class that no longer makes sense to you? Just click on the term and SoundNote will start the audio at that exact point in the lecture, helping you to remember the information.


Circle of 6 

Circle of 6 is an app that was developed to prevent violence, particularly sexual assault, on college campuses. Choose a trusted group to be in your “circle”. Then with just two taps, you can reach out to your circle and let them know where you are and what you need, including if you need to them to call you or come find you.


Sleep Cycle

College students aren’t exactly known for having the best sleep schedules. Sleep Cycle helps you track your regular sleep pattern and helps identify the best time for you to wake up based on your natural sleep pattern. Monitoring your body’s movement during sleep, the app identifies your lightest sleep cycle and wakes you up.




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