Innovation in Education: 2017 ASU GSV Presenting Companies

Education has long been an industry plagued with many problems. Unprepared students, huge cuts in funding, conflicting stakeholder priorities, and a lack of personalization just to name a few. But the past several years have been transformative for the industry, with new innovations being made in learning tools, the accessibility of grants and funding, the recruiting process, and more.

Each year ASU GSV brings together the most impactful of these companies, influential individuals, investors, and policymakers to share ideas, create partnerships, and make change happen.

Here, some of the leading presenting companies at this year’s conference share their thoughts on the biggest opportunities and challenges facing the $5 trillion industry in the coming year.

2017 GSV Presenting Companies

This year’s presenting companies address a wide range of issues within the Education and Tech Talent industries. Using similar categories as CB Insights, the below table is organized by the different areas of focus of these companies.

About the 2017 GSV Presenting Companies

Where are they located?

The goal to bring innovation to education is a global one. GSV presenting companies are representing more than 69 cities spread across six different continents.

*See the full list of cities below

What level of funding have they raised?

As many pointed out, funding remains one of the largest challenges for EdTech companies today. However, GSV presenting companies have successfully secured funding to turn their ideas into industry-changing opportunities. Many are still in early stages, with 60% saying they have achieved seed level funding.


How long have they been around?

How many employees do they have?


What education levels do they serve?

Who are their customers?

GSV presenting companies offer solutions for multiple stakeholders in the EdTech industry:

The State of EdTech

This year’s GSV Presenting Companies are looking to make the greatest impact possible in education and talent technology.  Many noted that hard-to-access funding, skeptisim towards the impact of EdTech, and the need to more quickly adapt provide difficult challenges for the industry. But many also noted that advances in data and technology provide ample opportunity to make an impact.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Greatest Challenges in 2017


Meet the 2017 GSV Presenting Companies

Kenny Berlin, CEO & Co-founder

12Twenty is the first to integrate on-campus recruiting, employer relationship management, and student job tracking in a single, streamlined system. We provide intuitive, data-centric software to engage students and employers, and to better connect students with their dream jobs.

12Twenty is providing career centers with a platform that allows them to better serve their students and take them through the critical transition from student to professional.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Cloud based software has made in-depth, real-time employment data available to students, career services professionals, educators, administrators, and employers at all times and everywhere. This access to information is revolutionizing how students select careers, find jobs, and negotiate salaries. The biggest opportunities in 2017 are for schools, students, and employers to capitalize on the availability of data to better connect each student with the best career for them.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

As data around all aspects of higher education becomes more widely available, schools are being held accountable in new ways. The EdTech industry must keep pace and adapt to serve schools, students, and employers in this new highly-transparent, data-rich environment.

Andrew Magliozzi, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Conversational AI for college success. We build chatbots to personify a college mascot and guide the institution’s students step by step to enrollment and through to graduation.

We help colleges reduce summer melt and have the greatest impact among low-income, first gen, and Pell eligible students.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017


Greatest Challenges in 2017

Too much technology and most of it is junk.

Curt Allen, Chairman & CEO

Agilix enables innovative partners to deliver effective, white-labeled online instructional systems built on Buzz, our powerful, flexible, and customizable enterprise learning platform. Buzz is designed to support various personalized learning models and empowers industry-leaders to deliver their learning solutions better, faster, and more affordably than building from scratch.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Effective student-centered personalized learning solutions at scale

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Overcoming the status quo and inertia, inadequate focus on improving learning outcomes and student growth, and lack of interoperability.

Perry Kalmus, Co-founder & CEO

AKALA is a virtual college counselor for middle and high school students. We’re closing the Guidance Gap in America.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Anything that can actually move the needle in any facet of education is an opportunity in 2017 and beyond.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

The bureaucratic red tape of the American education system.

Greg Simmons, SVP Advanced Education

We make Amplifire, an online learning toolkit that uses proven brain science and analytics to identify risk and improve performance. We can produce exceptional student outcomes while maintaining cost efficiencies.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Providing simple integration into campus infrastructure to exploit learning analytics for retention strategies, while creating efficient learning environments for students.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Proving efficacy, zero sum thinking in the industry and poor technical infrastructure.

Sunny Washington, CEO & Co-founder

Hands-on kits and online platform for STEM. Our goal is to give teachers the resources and tools to give all students the opportunity to engage on high-impact and engaging STEM experiments.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

New ways of delivering content, streamlining processes of EdTech tools implementation, and connecting students to actual career paths.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

                                                    Not enough funding for companies servicing education, especially in K-12.

Deborah Bond-Upson, Chief Education Officer

AwesomeStories delivers the solution- a creation engine of archive and apps- for teachers and students learning to research, read, reflect, write and publish in their 21st century lives and careers.

Teachers and students use the AwesomeStories archive to access reliable, story-driven, evidence-based information to fuel their work. MakerSpace apps support teacher and student original research, writing and PBL work. These solutions produce career- and college-ready students.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Schools need to support teachers empowering students to succeed in a changing world. This need points to teaching and learning applications, assessment, professional development, and student engagement solutions.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

1) Teachers are overwhelmed and find it challenging and sometimes impossible to integrate new approaches to teaching given requirements.

2) Already uncertain, potential ESSA changes/improvements is further confused by potential federal changes given the new administration and ED leadership.

3) Education needs to change and change is expensive– of time and money. Both are at a premium.

Neal Shenoy, Co-founder & CEO

Our mission is to motivate young children to become lifelong learners through a love of reading that serves as a gateway to learning to read.  We are an award-winning reading program designed for children from PreK – 3rd grade that features engaging, educational, and interactive stories alongside a sequential learn-to-read curriculum delivered across web, mobile and tablet devices via subscription that connects schools and homes.

We deliver outstanding results through proven efficacy: children that use our Learn to Read Program see a 74% improvement in their reading scores after 6 weeks of usage and children that use our Love to Read platform read over 50+ stories per month.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

                                                                     Early childhood education

                                                          Greatest Challenges in 2017

Capital markets (and if they will remain buoyant) as well as the policies of the                                                                           new administration and how supportive they will be of education.

Mads Holmen, Co-founder & CEO

Bibblio provides content suggestions for learning platforms and publishers in the knowledge space. We improve learner’s motivation and engagement by suggesting the best material for them as they explore.

We are helping to make lifelong, self-directed learning easier both in and out of the classroom. Bibblio’s content recommendation works on a wide spectrum of platforms, from knowledge sites like Law Street Media, to more educational environments like Open Learn. In both cases, we engage their users and keep them motivated to learn. One of the great gifts of digital technology is how easy it is for education to happen everywhere.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Creating high quality content and experiences. OERs have hugely expanded access to educational content, and that’s a good thing. However, there’s no replacement for top class content delivered in an engaging way that supports learning journeys. Publishers, apps and content platforms can still raise their game, and I think they will gradually over the year.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Winning the battle for kids’ attention outside of the classroom. Distraction merchants like Facebook are always there to steal spare minutes and even study time. Making sure that education resources and platforms can compete will continue to be about providing great experiences alongside great content.

Gregg Scoresby, CEO

CampusLogic makes every student financial aid interaction mobile, simple and personalized. We increase accessibility, reduce borrowing, and lower the cost of financial aid administration.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Personalization in all aspects of education

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Political uncertainty

Angela Kennedy, President & CEO

Carnegie Speech Company provides software to assess and train spoken English and also provide speech service API’s to other EdTech companies. We power highly effective, personalized digital spoken English instruction to millions of students globally.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Providing effective, personalized, and differentiated instruction to every student

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Preparing a global workforce for 21st century opportunities

Marissa Di Pasquale, Founder & CEO

Cashtivity is a creative tool & a library of digital challenges for teaching math & STEM through entrepreneurship. Our tools engage students deeply immersed through content they care about while applying mathematical skills, collaboration & computational thinking.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Embedding a dynamic app layer in the fabric of curriculum

Greatest Challenges in 2017

The need for increased access to funding for early stage EdTech startups with huge promise & potential

Devin Young, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer

ClassCraft is a gaming platform for K-12 which helps teachers use play to enhance their teaching practice. By gamifying how they engage with students, deliver content, and implement classroom management, teachers are fostering stronger student motivation and collaboration.

Classcraft is a great tool to teach 21st century skills, boost academic performance, address bullying, and streamline classroom management.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Personalized Learning

Greatest Challenges in 2017

                                                                              Funding and selling to K-12

Grant Hosford, CEO & Co-founder

codeSpark turns programming into play, introducing kids as young as 4 to the creative possibilities of computer science. In two years, we’ve introduced over 5 million kids in 218 countries to the foundations of computer science.  ~50% of our players are girls, more than any other coding app.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Anything that helps students take greater control of their own learning while giving teachers the ability to assign project and monitor progress.  In addition, I believe the focus on project based learning will grow dramatically.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

What “school” looks like could change dramatically over the next four years given the current political climate. Long sales cycles and slow adoption rates are always a big issue.

Zak Zielezinski, VP Business Development

Declara brings together professional learning communities, robust content curation, sharing and discovery, and artificial intelligence to support 21st century peer-to-peer professional development, innovation and collaboration scenarios for educational systems, institutions, governments and enterprises around the world.

We’re providing personalized learning for educators and professional learning communities across and between geographic boundaries and domains.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Personalization and outcome efficacy

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Validation of outcomes generated by EdTech tools

Mobeen Syed, CEO & Founder

Drbeen is a managed marketplace for healthcare education. Additionally, we are working hard to move medical education to the next generation by offering augmented reality based teaching and deep learning to personalize instructions for individual student’s needs.

We have modernized and democratized medical education while offering a leading managed marketplace for healthcare educators. Now, they don’t have to use YouTube or Khan Academy to offer content for free; they can use drbeen to earn from their premium content.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Using deep learning and augmented reality to offer immersive and individualized education. Platforms that empower providers are a great horizon in front of us.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Bringing brick and mortar universities to online paradigm is crucial for a consistent educational experience for students.

Lisa Schmucki, Founder & CEO is a free personalized professional learning and networking platform. We are the #1 source for free professional learning that helps all educators adopt the ideas and technology that makes a difference in student learning and preparation for college, career, and life.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Lack of funding and support for public education



Kemp Edmonds, Director of Marketing

FreshGrade is the portfolio and assessment platform that makes learning visible. Apps for students, teachers, and parents to capture, contribute, and collaborate a student’s learning.

FreshGrade users and customers are doing incredible things with the platform from engaging parents, to transitioning away from traditional reporting, to empowering students to take ownership of their learning and that’s just to name a few. School districts are also super charging personalized learning initiatives, creating more independent students, and communicating student learning. We are always blown away by what our educators, students, and parents are able to do with our platform.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

User engagement, strategic alignment with district initiatives, training and education for users by users to take use of EdTech from tech to pedagogy.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Time for end users, education for end users, and informing all stakeholders about the impact that EdTech makes and how it can be made.

Anthony Garcia, CEO & Co-founder

GuideOn provides professional skills in a transparent way between a transitioning military service member and private sector opportunities/employers. GuideOn provides Veterans with a professional identity which allows them to enter the private work force in an appropriate position in line with their skills and professional experience.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Continual education

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Ensuring technologies are market driven

Angela Braren, Co-founder

Instrumentl helps academics and nonprofits easily find and apply to grants. We’re making it faster and easier to raise money for university research and programs.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

There’s a ton of opportunity here but I think the largest are either: finally, a big winner in the MOOC space or college-employer marketplaces.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Stigma (the impression that EdTech is going nowhere). Silicon Valley investors are not clamoring to get into EdTech deals – they were a few years ago but are waiting for someone to make a big exit

Lauren Proctor, Head of Marketing

Jobbatical helps business, creative and tech professionals find job opportunities around the world. We help people create and nurture global connections.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

There’s huge opportunity in globalization and technology that makes it possible for people to get an amazing education regardless of where they live or where they come from.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

There are still many people in the world who believe the place you’re from dictates who you can become. We believe that if you are an excellent developer, designer, or anything else, you should be able to put your skills to work anywhere in the world. Helping other people understand this is an uphill battle but it will undoubtedly make the world a better place.

Jon Mattingly, Founder & CEO

Kodable is a K-5 computer science curriculum that takes students from symbol based programming in Kindergarten to JavaScript in 5th grade. Kodable provides scripted, grab-and-go lesson plans for teachers, allowing them to teach computer science without any prior knowledge. We’re helping kids learn about programming before they can even read, and doing it the right way through real, teacher-led instruction instead of just games.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Professional development is a huge, and inefficient, market. The top 50 districts in the US alone spend 8 billion a year on PD.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Funding! Building real, sustainable businesses are hard when nobody wants to pay for anything. Free is the enemy of EdTech. Smart people always go to the markets where there is the most opportunity, and financial opportunity is a big part of that. There is a reason why we have self-driving cars and education is still broken.

Komal Dadlani, CEO & Co-founder

Lab4U is democratizing science and changing the way science is taught by transforming smartphones and tablets into science labs. We are giving students and teachers the opportunity to have a lab in their pockets using smartphones built-in sensors.

We are improving the lab experience in schools where:

1)  lab equipment is expensive

2) where educators need help in building science curriculum aligned to NGSS

3) where students need an inspiration to study science with real life examples.

We have tested with 2,000 students where they improve their academic performance in Physics up to 40% after using Lab4Physics. This year we are working with 25,000 students in LATAM and we have already piloted in some schools in California with great feedback from teachers and students.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

STEM, VR and high mobile penetration in high schools and community colleges.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Educators and decision makers are overwhelmed with the amount of EdTech solutions available. Not everything is proven to work inside the classroom. Only few EdTech companies have made their product work inside the classroom, and not all companies have been able to monetize with districts, making it difficult for them to survive without grants or investment. There is uncertainty in the policies and budgets for districts; therefore, everything seems to be a challenge. But I am hopeful that things will be better.

Lisa Skeete Tatum, CEO

Landit is a technology platform created to increase the success and engagement of women in the workplace and to enable enterprises to attract, develop, and retain high-potential diverse talent. Our goal is to give women the access to curated skill and career development resources that are key to success.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Personalized, curated and relevant development opportunities.



Karl Rectanus, Co-founder & CEO

LearnPlatform is the complete EdTech management system to organize, streamline, and analyze the impact of EdTech.

The LearnPlatform network has grown to be the largest, most diverse group of schools, districts, higher education institutions and state agencies finding, buying, measuring and sharing the impact of their EdTech, with more than 100,000 educators who reach more than 2 million students, responsible for more than $350 million in EdTech purchasing and contribute millions of data points analyzed every day. The learning, findings and details are shared in trustworthy ways to inform instructional and budget decisions, improve equitable access to tools that work, and build better EdTech products across the country.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Rapid learning analytics and personalized learning.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Knowing what works

Ethan Linkner, Co-founder & COO

Video screen recordings. Helping teachers flip classrooms, and students immediate apply the learning to strengthen retention.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Use of video and student authored content for collaboration.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Focus. Budgets. Compliance.



Candis Best, Founder & CEO

Learningateway develops solutions that help educational institutions meet their college readiness and college completion goals. We’re shifting our focus toward behavioral analytics, developing solutions for higher ed that help campuses gather real time data on student sentiments like sense of belonging and emotional well belonging. The goal is to help them make predictions about and then personalize the most appropriate mix of available resources.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Actionable analytics. Data is only as good as it is useful. Solutions that help institutions make sense of their data in a user-friendly way will have a clear advantage.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Shrinking budgets and lengthening sales cycles

Julian Miller, Co-founder & CEO

Education Intelligence getting educators the info they need, before they need it.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Data, machine learning, analytics, accelerated human intelligence

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Lack of funding. It takes a long time to get out of start-up mode.



Rachel Murray, Marketing & Comms

Learnosity offers a suite of assessment technologies (APIs) which enable organizations from a wide range of sectors, to easily incorporate powerful, interactive assessment capabilities into any digital product, new or existing. With intuitive authoring, powerful analytics and over 65 Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs), Learnosity shortens development cycles, effort and time to market without sacrificing quality or value.

By offering a suite of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), Learnosity enables organizations to quickly and easily incorporate interactive question types along with authoring and reporting capabilities into any digital product, whether new or existing. Leveraging Learnosity gives clients instant access to market leading technology, significantly increases speed to market and dramatically reduces costs due to the economies of scale offered.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Collaboration between multi-disciplinary EdTech providers. Working together to provide joint solutions we can provide more value than any single company on its own.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Two of the biggest from our point of view.

1. Lack of collaboration. We need to work to encourage openness and transparency.

2. The “standard” standards are often so broad that they aren’t really standards and cause issues transferring content from one system to another.

Serdar Ferit, Co-founder & Creative Director

We make engaging and immersive rich media resources that make teaching and learning enjoyable and fun. This includes VR and 360 storytelling, which we have been working on since 2011. Lyfta makes an impact by focusing on the needs of both teachers and pupils, and by focusing on our strengths in storytelling and building immersive worlds.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

In making products that are easy to use for teachers and enjoyable to use for pupils.

                                                          Greatest Challenges in 2017

Funding cuts for schools.

Trent Hazy, Co-founder & CEO

MindSumo puts employers’ projects online and allow students to apply their skills to real problem, bridging the skills-gap by offering practical, hands-on learning experiences.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Artificial intelligence

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Institutions and instructors that avoid taking risks in the classroom (curriculum,                                                                      content, delivery, etc.)

Jordan Fladell, CEO

We are a micro-learning platform focused on enabling legacy companies to rebuild, deploy and measure their content in a modern way. We provide value by driving high levels of engagement and unique ways to measure the impact of learning since we are a data driven platform.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Turning learning into a marketing business

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Legacy viewpoints and old practitioners who are afraid of change


Michael Simpson, Co-founder & CEO                                    Allison Grenney, Director of Operations

We measure, map and develop soft skills in an effort to make education more relevant and hiring more equitable.

The Pairin Readiness Management System is a subscription-based SaaS offering that integrates soft skills and hard data (e.g. interests, experience, attendance, grades, etc.,) to match individuals to optimal programs, careers, and jobs. We then help individuals, educators, and employers identify specific areas of development and deliver curriculum, tips, and insights to bridge those gaps.

We help measure and develop college and career readiness skills. We are driving towards our ultimate goal of making education more relevant and hiring more equitable. This will be accomplished when our education system, recruiting and job placement platforms, and employers all value the skills that make people successful, at least as much as they focus on GPA, degrees, hard skills, etc., (that are often poor indicators of success in the real world). To attain this goal, we are influencing legislation to focus our education system on the needs of employers, which ultimately serves students. For employers, we de-risk at-risk hires from high schools, colleges, and alternative training/staffing programs. We make educators more effective at social emotional development of those in their care. We measure career readiness, but also what mindsets need to change to enable personal and professional growth and can track that growth over time. We also have over 300 lessons and exercises to help students understand and develop their soft skills, which allows schools to be ESSA compliant without the burden. We also are disrupting the assessment market, because we give our assessments away for free.

Our approach works and is revolutionizing how companies hire and how educators prepare our future workforce. 40% of our business customers told us they have hired top performers in the last year that were technically “not qualified” by standard HR criteria. This is proof that we are transforming hiring and opening up opportunity to those populations that are often overlooked.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Career readiness programs. To transform our education system, the EdTech industry must move beyond mere automation and efficiency and play a critical role in shifting the way we think about education. We must move from education as the sole foundation for a successful career in the traditional “stay and pray” you can figure out your career later philosophy. Education is being unbundled and moving towards more competency based models, but an education-only focus will not succeed. Employers have to be equally involved in these decisions, or nobody will value a non-linear career pathway. The great opportunity for EdTech is to make the shift to Tech, and stop isolating our career readiness and workforce development solutions to just education. Any provider that can address the entire talent pipeline will have a huge advantage.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

  • Budget constraints
  • Perception of for profit companies as evil. Educators being told that software vendors are evil enemies of educators is the greatest barrier we face. Until we can change that perception, the barrier to adopting new technology is the teacher. If each school district had incentives to try new technologies and forward thinking schools could have procedures to evaluate these innovations, more companies would be successful. Right now, doing a small pilot, even free, in a large district often requires the same contracts and insurance requirements as a $1M deployment. Most startups cannot afford $3M in liability coverage, and don’t have the resources to sign up to the requirements of a large deployment without first getting a large deployment.
  • Difficulty in piloting new solutions in school districts without foundation support, then transitioning successful pilots to entire districts
  • Because of issues two and three, traditional investors are hesitant to fund EdTech companies

Michael Jacobson, Founder & CEO

Pallas Advanced Learning Systems (Pallas) is a startup EdTech company that offers learner-centered 3D and 2D software products to teach difficult 21st century knowledge and skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) areas.  Pallas products enable students to learn these subjects more deeply with engaging 3D game-like and 2D computer modelling and visualization systems that also support teachers in using innovative, research-based, and highly effective instructional approaches.

We are one of the few EdTech companies with advanced technology systems based on cutting edge cognitive learning research that has been published in top tier academic journals.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Providing a range of technology enables experiences for students to learn content in new and engaging ways.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Lack of research demonstrating EdTech companies are providing products and services that actually improve student learning and that make teaching easier. The sector faces backlash unless companies take seriously the need to be based on solid research, just as the public expects with biomedical, computer science, and engineering startup companies.

David Kofoed Wind, Co-founder & CEO

Peergrade let’s all teachers use peer feedback in their classroom so students can learn more and get much more feedback. Peer feedback was once hard to do right, but with Peergrade it becomes much easier. This way all students can train in critical thinking and other complex skills.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Building products that are founded on proper pedagogical methods.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Most institutional funding is misaligned with the goals of companies trying to make a real impact in EdTech.

Amlika Lal, Marketing

Investor community funded lender, providing education loans to international postgraduate students.

Prodigy Finance provides loans to international postgraduate students attending the world’s top universities. Our borderless credit model supports 150 countries. Unlike traditional financiers, our loans are collectively funded by alumni, institutional investors and qualified private investors who receive both a financial and social return.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

                                                                  Enabling talent and financial inclusion.

                                                        Greatest Challenges in 2017

Enabling talent

Patti Smith, Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Querium has developed an artificial intelligence-based virtual tutor system to help students learn math. We license that technology to partners in the EdTech ecosystem to help supercharge personalization and interaction in their platforms.

Our technology improves learning outcomes for math students by catching them at their moment of confusion and guiding them back on track.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Higher ed is undergoing extensive change to increase retention and improve graduation rates. I see big opportunities not only with curricular materials but also the wrap-around services needed to support disadvantaged students.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

The massive financial challenges among the traditional publishers is forcing all stakeholders in the education industry to think differently and make changes more quickly in order to survive and thrive.

Elad Shoushan, Founder & CEO

Ready4 offers a suite of mobile apps for standardized test prep (PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT). Our apps are free to our users, so that everyone, regardless of income, location, or working status, can be prepared.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Mobile learning

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Continuing to adapt and evolve along to make use of new technological advances                                                                     and devices.

Manoj Kulkarni, CEO

Realizeit transforms education from one-size-fits-all in favor of a personalized, individualized experience that powers success for every student. Founded by teachers, researchers and software developers, Realizeit knows every student can realize his or her full potential with the right support. Realizeit’s adaptive learning technology and team empowers faculty and institutions to provide that support—in a way that reflects the educator’s unique teaching philosophy and subject expertise.

Realizeit gives educators the tools and support they need to make their vision of personalized education and student success a reality.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Higher education

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Academic leadership’s inexperience managing transformation change across the institution


Elad Inbar, CEO

Educational robotics – Bring to life abstract concepts using robots. We bridge the gap and make sure that every student will be career and college ready.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

The biggest opportunity (and challenge) is to crack the subscription model that schools hate to buy but we love to sell.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

New administration

Eyal Eshed, CEO

SpeakingPal develops technologies and solutions for learning English. We use advanced speech recognition technologies, video content, and mobile and web clients. We change the way institutions are operating by adding new digital solutions to their curriculum

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Making schools more digital – blending the digital with the frontal

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Making digital solutions a part of the core curriculum and learning toolbox and not                                                                  keeping them as a nice to have gimmick

Nick Allain, PR/Brand

Spire Global offers data as a service for large corporations and government. Our satellites also carry an Ardusat payload which is used for education through our partner company (Ardusat).

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Engaging girls/women in STEM.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Need to create pipelines for faster customer adoption.

Sieva Kozinsky, Co-founder & CEO

StudySoup is the largest online peer-to-peer learning marketplace that connects top students in the class with those who need a little help. Top students can upload their notes and study guides to the StudySoup Marketplace, providing their peers with helpful materials while also earning some extra cash.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Creating strong and meaningful opportunities between different EdTech stakeholder groups (students, educators, institutions, etc.)

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Providing proof of the powerful role EdTech companies can play in improving                                                                          student experiences and the quality of education overall

Jason DeRoner, CEO & Co-founder

TeachBoost is a web based platform to coach and develop educators.

The research is clear: better educators = higher student achievement. We give coaches and instructional leaders the tools and structure to focus on developing their staff rather than all the administrivia that comes along with their work.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Helping educators solve real problems in the classroom that give them the time to serve kids to the fullest. There’s too much bloat, waste and lack of direction in central offices.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Ever shrinking budgets, pace of the industry, and initiative fatigue in districts.

Mervi Pänkäläinen, Founder & CEO

Mightifier method and application teaches students to master their social and emotional skills. It’s also a tool for teachers / heads of schools / municipalities to follow the social-emotional progress in classes. We impact directly into students’ self-esteem, wellbeing and future hope.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Establishing new business models and focusing on 21st century skills

Greatest Challenges in 2017

As EdTech is gaining more and more attention, there will be numerous entrepreneurs presenting their solutions. My fear is that not all of them have strong enough pedagogical background and support.





Steve Glaeser, School Success Manager                        Dave Kreuzer, Regional Director of Partnerships

ThinkCERCA is a personalized literacy platform that, unlike the many shiny objects out there in EdTech, are instead passionate about building tools and structures that inspire/support quality teaching – not replace it.

We’re transforming instruction by putting the pedagogy before the product. This is highly disruptive. But like the first touch-screen phones, we realize that this is the future of EdTech, making sure every student has access to appropriately leveled instruction.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

As the EdTech world is finally learning, it’s the relationship that teachers have with students that form the seeds for healthy personalized, blended learning. Resources that focus on this first will finally get the attention they need. But more importantly, our educational communities will finally evolve from the “plug-and-chug” learning systems that currently plague otherwise high-potential environments.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

The budget challenges that spread across the country should force the EdTech world to innovate and strategize healthy design, for whichever resources (and their foundational design) survive the next 1-2 years will have major sticking power for the decades to come.

Mitch Kirby, Co-founder & CEO

Crowdsourced compensation and culture data, as well as job matching. Transparent Career is increasing the transparency of outcomes of different schools/degree programs.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Better outcomes data, remote learning

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Sustainable business models can be tough to find in the space

Art Schectman, Co-founder

Founded by two MIT engineers in 2013, ULTRA Testing is a neurodiverse technology company that provides agile, high-quality software testing services. Our exceptional teams are 100% onshore and include individuals on the Autism Spectrum, who can have heightened abilities that are an exact match for software testing.

We’re helping to define the habits, skills and traits that we’d like to see taught, trained, and practiced in the transition planning part of education. We drive a much bigger impact in workforce development and neurodiversity where we are revolutionizing the business model associated with supporting a neurodiverse team and writing the playbook on how corporations can take advantage of an amazing talent pool.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Efficacy measurement and personalized learning

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Paths to revenue

Chris Johnson, Co-founder & CEO

Uncubed helps companies attract top digital and tech talent through engaging video and are delivering free digital skills videos directly from the top practitioners in industry.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Branded education. Companies teaching skills to build their audience.



Sujoy Roy, CEO & Founder

VisitDays helps prospective students schedule campus visits on institution websites. We are enabling a prospective student to meet with anyone at an institution, instantly. Access that was previously for a select few is now available to all.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

The bridge between online and physical institutions.

Greatest Challenges in 2017

Tuition costs

Simeon Schnapper, Co-founder & CEO

Youtopia: Gamification.

Biggest Industry Opportunities for 2017

Career readiness

Greatest Challenges in 2017




Full List of Cities

Company Name City Country
12Twenty Santa Monica USA
AdmitHub Cambridge USA
Agilix Labs, Inc. Orem USA
AKALA Los Angeles USA
Amplifire Boulder USA
Ardusat Salt Lake City USA
AwesomeStories Grand Rapids USA
Honolulu USA
Bibblio London United Kingdom
CampusLogic Phoenix USA
Carnegie Speech Company Pittsburgh USA
Cashtivity Boston USA
Melbourne Australia
Classcraft New York USA
codeSpark Pasadena USA
Declara Inc. Palo Alto USA
Drbeen Corp Cupertino USA Princeton USA
FreshGrade Kelowna Canada
GuideOn Oakland USA
Instrumentl San Francisco USA
Jobbatical Tallinn Estonia
Kodable Sunnyvale USA
Lab4U San Francisco USA
Santiago Chile
Landit New York USA
Lea(R)n Raleigh USA
LearnCore Chicago USA
Learningateway New York USA
Learnmetrics Chicago USA
Learnosity Dublin Ireland
Los Angeles USA
New York USA
Sydney Australia
Lyfta Helsinki Finland
MindSumo San Francisco USA
mLevel Atlanta USA
Pairin Denver USA
Denver USA
Pallas Advanced Learning Systems Pty Ltd Sydney Australia
Peergrade Copenhagen Denmark
Prodigy Finance Cape Town South Africa
London United Kingdom
New York USA
Querium Austin USA
Ready4 Boston USA
Realizeit Palatine USA
RobotLAB Inc. San Francisco USA
SpeakingPal Tel Aviv Israel
Spire Global, Inc. Boulder USA
Glasgow United Kingdom
San Francisco USA
Singapore Singapore
TeachBoost New York USA
The Mighty United Helsinki Finland
ThinkCERCA Chicago USA
TransparentCareer Chicago USA
ULTRA Testing Athens USA
Colorado Springs USA
Conyers USA
Dallas USA
Davenport USA
Downingtown USA
East Brunswick USA
El Cerrito USA
Eugene USA
Flossmoor USA
Garland USA
Hillsborough Township USA
Holmdel USA
Jackson USA
Katy USA
Lenexa USA
Levittown USA
Long Neck USA
Madison USA
New York USA
Olympia USA
Pittsburgh USA
Portland USA
Sacramento USA
San Francisco USA
Santa Cruz USA
Shelburne Falls USA
Sunnyside USA
Tallahassee USA
Union City USA
Westwood USA
Wilkinsburg USA
Yakima USA
Yonkers USA
Uncubed New York USA
VisitDays New York USA
Youtopia Chicago USA

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