How to Survive a Freshmen Year that Was a Bit Too Awesome

You lived it up your first year of college. While you may have a ton of friends and an Instagram game most people would kill for, your current GPA may leave something to be desired.

The first thing is not to panic. Although a rocky freshman year is not exactly something to brag about, you’re not the first, and you won’t be the last person to go through this. And, fortunately for you, you’re still early enough in your college career to get on the right track.


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Boosting your grades in your second year will mean being strategic in the courses you select. Make sure that you’re balancing your major and general education requirements with easier electives that will score you an easy A.

Use the Buddy System

Getting back on track means that you have little to no margin for error. Take advantage of all available resources on campus to build a solid support network for your academic success. Talk to your academic advisor about available resources for undergrads within your department, take advantage of your professors’ office hours, and create study groups with peers. These are all measures to ensure that you have a network of advocates for your academic career.

Be Lamer (for a Brighter Future)

“Work hard, play hard.” Sounds awesome, right? If you’re getting your academics back on track, it might be best to emphasize the work side of that equation.

Cut down on the amount of socializing you do to prioritize your academics. It’s not sexy, but it is necessary if you plan to make it to graduation. Partying responsibly doesn’t necessarily mean not partying at all, but it requires being disciplined in how you allocate your time. Your scheduled study times should be clear cut and defined by definite goals in terms of what you get out of them. If you’re not achieving those goals, then tonight’s probably not the best night to go out.

Balancing your course load, taking advantage of available academic resources and taking a more moderate approach to your social life are all straightforward methods to improving your academic performance in your second year of school. Stay disciplined and you CAN come back from a rough first year. You got this!

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