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You’d might agree that by far math can be one of the most interesting yet complex topics you can study.

You can study even the most complex concepts, but without a solid base of fundamentals things can easily fall apart. Using your college professor as a guide to consistently get better is a plus and it’s no secret that that Google offers a myriad of math resources.

Sometimes when all you’re trying to find is a step by step solution to one problem- a Google search that takes seconds could turn into an hour.

That’s why having a list of the best math resources in 2022 can save you time, and most importantly your sanity throughout this year.

We’ve taken the time to put together the best of the best in math websites in various categories. After going through the list, don’t forget to hit the bookmark icon on your browser so you can easily navigate back when you have math doubts.


Best Math Courses and Tools

Skew The Script

Let’s face it- You can either dread studying math or love it. Usually you’ll hear this from the students that’d rather skip class, “I’ll never use this in the future”.

But Skew The Script makes math relevant for everyday life and entertaining. Whether you’re interested in sports, politics, social causes, science and more;

Skew The Script has lessons that make learning math engaging and fun. With themed video explanations, student worksheets, and even teacher lesson plans, you’ll never find a dull piece of content.

From pre-algebra to more advanced topics in computer science, has an expansive library of interactive courses that emphasize mastering each topic through interactive problem solving.

So if you have trouble focusing in college lectures, it would be a worthy investment checking out Brilliant’s courses made by award-winning professors from top universities like MIT and Duke.

What If Math

At one point or another you’ve probably asked yourself this:

“Why should I care about algebra? when would I ever use this in real life?”

What If Math’s main goal is to answer this question head-on. Through informative spreadsheets, What If Math applies algebra to modern-day skills that are in high demand in data science, financial literacy, computer science, and STEM problems.

Cool Math

Let’s face it, not all of us are math lovers and even learning the most fundamental concepts can be a struggle. Cool Math breaks down the most important pre-algebra, algebra, and pre-calculus topics into easily understood lessons and exercises.

For Math Enthusiasts

Quanta Magazine

Looking for some current events in the mathematics world? Or maybe you need to do research on a specific topic like why triangles are easy and tetrahedra are hard. Quant Magazine truly has it all with deep diving math articles with an enticing writing style making the content an easy daily read.

Math Values

Math Values has an enticing blog which includes articles that are meant for literally everyone to enjoy. Posts include themes like current events, politics, interviews, personal stories, and sports all tied together by math.

Math Enchantments

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of preparing for math exams and solving textbook solutions. At times, you might be questioning why you decided to take on the challenge of a math course or majoring in it.

The Math Enchantments blog bridges the gap between creative writing and math. James Propp’s monthly posts integrates culture, math history, and storytelling keeping education and creativity as it’s main purpose.

Taking a few minutes every month to check out Propp’s short posts will give you a breather from textbook learning and a reminder of why math is fun.

Math ∩ Programming

Have you ever thought that mathematical solutions could be presented in an elegant way?

Most likely the answer was “no”. But Google engineer Jeremy Kun has creatively channeled his passion of finding mathematical solutions to programming problems through eye-grabbing imagery.

Through his intriguing writing style, don’t be surprised to be captivated for hours going into deep-diving topics.

Mathematical Gemstones

Mathematician Dr. Maria Monks Gillespie Colorado State University initially started Mathematical Gemstones to find truth in mathematical concepts. Each post is separated by hardness or “gemstones”: Amber, Pearl, Opal, Sapphire, and Diamond.

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