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We all know that chemistry is fun- There’s a reason why the chemist job market is expected to grow 6.5% by 2026.

But let’s face it- Nobody ever said taking on a chemistry class or major was easy. Just covering the basic topics like atomic structure, molecular structure, and chemical bonding can be overwhelming.

Luckily, if you’re like everyone (or almost), the internet is your best chemistry research friend. Taking advantage of step by step chemistry textbook solutions and amazing blogs can definitely ease the pain of getting through your college chemistry courses.

In this post, you’re going to learn about the best chemistry blogs in 2022 (not in any particular order) and how to use them as a resource this year.

Let’s get started.

1.Compound Interest

Images improve learning by a whopping 400%. Compound Interest blog created by chemistry educator Andy Brunning is a goldmine of infographics that make tough concepts look easy.

Whether you’re studying inorganic chemistry, periodic tables, or just wanting to check out fun Halloween-themed chemistry; Compound Chem makes learning complex topics fun and interactive.

2. Chemistry Hall

Ever wonder about a crazy fact like if you could turn lead into gold? Maybe you’re looking for the lab gear or kits- Chemistry Hall is a great resource. The blog gives you powerful insight in a practical way to be productive in the lab, when studying, and some fun home experiments to try out.

3. ChemTalk

ChemTalk biggest cool factor is its tutorials that breakdown fundamental concepts into digestible chunks of information. Another detail that is extremely useful while studying is their interactive periodic table.

4. Organic Chemistry Portal

If you could put Wikipedia and organic chemistry together, you’d get the Organic Chemistry Portal. You can spend hours diving into their chemical search engine learning about molecular formulas, cos numbers, abstracts, and even job postings. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

5. The Chronicle Flask

It’s easy to forget that you decided to study chemistry because it’s fun when you’re busy trying to ace exams. That’s why checking out The Chronicle Flask is a good idea where Dr. Kat Day takes on trending questionable science claims.

Her 15 years in chemistry teaching and extensive experience in fiction writing makes every post an engaging read. From debunking that slime is poisonous to understanding what blk water is- There’s never a dull moment on The Chronicle Flask.

6. Sciencing

Sciencing not only covers chemistry, but has myriad of articles about biology, physics, statistics, and more.

The main goal of the writers Sylvie Tremblay and Lana Bandoim is to make science relevant and fun for everyone- Especially students looking to improve their understanding on a broad range of topics.

7. Julian Chemistry

Looking for effective ways to memorize lessons and study for chemistry exams? Or maybe you’re having exam stress and you need tips to relax. Look no further and optimize your study habits with the Julian Chemistry blog.

As the founder of the website, Julian had one bold vision starting his website- To bring across quality teaching materials to all students especially to the underprivileged. He’s definitely achieved his vision with his blog resources you can use with practical tips to succeed in chemistry class.

7. Chemistry is My Jam

You might be on the verge of graduating and looking towards being a chemistry high school teacher or college professor. For practical tips from way to effectively using great graphics for teaching and using Google Calendar in the classroom; You’ll want to go to Chemistry is My Jam.

Also, Chemistry is My Jam’s website founder, Jessica, has her YouTube channel which has great explanations on fundamental concepts in chemistry.


While studying can be stressful, it’s important to take the time to remember to check out these chemistry blogs and use them as a resource. Also, while you’re in class, knowing how to take excellent chemistry notes is important.

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