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You’ve probably never heard someone say, “Physics is an easy subject”.

Even a freshman physics major knows- Getting good grades is near impossible without putting in the time to study, great notes, and using textbook solutions guides.

But it’s not all bad news. being limited to using the library for free resources is a thing in the past. Just doing a quick Google search for “physics help” gives you thousands of options.

But then you might ask yourself “Which page should I use? There are too many”. It’s easy to spend hours until you find the perfect blog, forum, or community.

In this post, we’re listing the top physics blogs you need to follow in 2022 so you can save time and kick this year off right.

A Plus Physics

If you’re just branching out into your physics journey in college, A Plus Physics is your blog. The community blog provides insight on any physics topic-Literally. From learning why magnets repel to the physics of hitting parked cars- there’s never a dull moment on the community blog.

Additionally, there are plenty of AP physics courses, resources, books, and forum that can help you in your journey to physics mastery.

Learn AP Physics

Another one of the physics blogs that can help you get on the right track is Learn AP Physics. Specifically, if you’re having difficulties with problems that involve topics like mechanics, electricity & magnetism, thermodynamics, and more; Learn AP Physics breaks down concepts in an easy form.

The Physics Classroom

The Physics Classroom has a clear mission of “serving students, teachers and classrooms”. They definitely do that with informational concept builders, concept-based work problem practice,  physics animations, a physics-specific calculator pad, and more. While some of the content can be used for teach lesson planning, there are also great resources for students.

Flipping Physics

Flipping Physics is geared towards AP Physics students and first-year physics majors. The blog was originally developed by a chemistry professor with the goal of making the world a “better place through real, fun, and free physics education”.

With Flipping Physics well produced, educational, and engaging YouTube videos- you’ll have no problem understanding concepts that would otherwise be difficult.


Time might be an issue during the school year to find the perfect resource. There’s no one size fits all solution, but take a few minutes to check out each of these physics blogs to know what fits your needs so you’re ready to hit the ground running when you have exams.

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