Check this out. Lexi made $393 just selling study guides!!

Alexis Lim is a student at UC Santa Barbara. This was her first quarter working with StudySoup, and she’s been doing an amazing job! How do we know? Well the picture of the check for $393 above is only the first check she received after starting her work with StudySoup. So today we’re sharing our interview with Lexi, with all of YOU so that you too can be awesome like Lexi!

What’s your super secret formula to making so much money just selling notes?

My “super secret formula” is a combination of things. First of all, it’s important to make sure to take REALLY awesome notes. Second, you have to want to genuinely help your classmates. This step is key, because the more genuine you sound when sending out emails, the more your classmates will want to purchase your notes. As long as you believe in your notes, and are driven to help other people, you can make a ton of money!

What’s your major? How did you pick it?

I am a Psychology and Communication double major. I chose Psychology because it was my favorite class in high school and I chose Communication after taking an intro class at UCSB. Both topics are interesting to me and can lead to many different career choices.

What classes are you selling notes in?

I am selling notes for Communication 88, which is “Research Methods?, and Psychology 104, which is “Personality Psychology.”

Can you walk us through the preparation and execution of creating and selling your notes (step by step)

1) Pay attention in class, and type up notes that go above and beyond the average person’s notes. Include topics that the Professor covers that are not in the lecture slides, and combine your notes with the book readings. Notes that do this will not only help you study and learn, but it will also make your notes worth buying.

2) Upload your notes on

3) Email your class with the link to your notes!! You can’t make any sales if your classmates don’t know they exist. Make sure to sound genuine and not too spammy!

4) Watch your dashboard $$$$ increase 🙂

What will you spend your hard earned money on?

I am going abroad to the Netherlands in the fall, so I will be spending all my money on traveling!

Why do you like the idea of StudySoup?

I like the idea of StudySoup because it provides people with a simple platform to post notes and make money. In the past, I’ve tried selling my notes to people through Facebook sites, but it was hard to gain credibility and reach enough people in the particular classes that I wanted to sell notes for. StudySoup provides both credibility, and an organized platform for people to search and find the notes they’re looking for.

How can StudySoup help students like you, or others?

StudySoup can prove to help all students, no matter what your note taking style is. It you take super great notes in class, you can sell them on StudySoup to make money and help out your classmates. If you don’t take very good notes, you can purchase notes on StudySoup and get the extra help you need to boost your grades. It’s really a win-win situation for everyone.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love playing sports and staying active. My freshman year of college, I played for UCSB’s club lacrosse team. This year, I joined an intermural soccer team that has been super fun! I love playing sports because it keeps my body and mind sharp and active, and it’s a great break from studying.

What’s your favorite thing to do at UCSB?

My favorite thing to do is going to the beach with my friends, and exploring new places. One of my favorite places to go is the labyrinth because it’s super peaceful and pretty.

What do you want to do when you graduate? How do your studies support that? How does working for StudySoup help with that?

I really have no idea what I want to do! If I decide to go into the psychology field, I would want to pursue school counseling. If I decide to go into the communication side, I would want to do something with marketing or public relations. My ultimate dream, though, is to create my own start-up revolving around something I’m passionate about. Working for StudySoup has provided me with the background knowledge that I will need if I decide to pursue my own company. I have received a ton of insight about idea development and organization, and what it takes to expand and market a business.

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