Emma: from Skeptic to $2,000

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Meet a Top Elite Notetaker from Tulane University!

Last week we sat down with Emma Newton to hear about her experience with StudySoup. Read her answers below to learn more about about how she became a Top Elite Notetaker in just a few months and made over $2,000 cash.

Emma is a junior studying neuroscience, aspiring to become a neurosurgeon or neuroscience researcher! Emma is also on the track team, so school and sport keep her pretty busy. We interviewed her about her experience with StudySoup.

How did you discover StudySoup?

I got an email at some point last year, and I thought it was a scam! I did some research about it and thought that since I take notes and make study guides already, it’d be good to try!

How has StudySoup helped you?

Well, I already prep myself for class by reading the textbook and reviewing my professor’s materials, and I take some notes before class to get started. I prefer to hand write my notes. StudySoup has helped me improve her own notes by forcing me to take neater, more detailed notes during class.

What’s your favorite part of using StudySoup?

Two things: money and helping others. I made about $2,000 last year from StudySoup! That was definitely sweet. I’ve also gotten messages from my classmates thanking me for helping them understand the concepts covered in class.

What is your top piece of advice for new Elite Notetakers?

Make your study guides as comprehensive as possible! Those are your big sellers, so don’t just make them the same as your class notes. Include your notes from lecture and from the textbook and any other supplemental materials you can, so that you include multiple facets of information.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

It doesn’t take much time! It’s pretty easy. There’s no reason not to do it, and you get paid!

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