First Upload = Free Materials

So you’ve signed the contract, finished your training, entered your course info & exam dates, and now it’s time to start uploading and making that $$$!

Your very first upload for each course is a FREE PROMO for your classmates!!

It’s kind of like that free month of Netflix… You start binge watching a show but your month runs out before you finish it… and you HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!

So you buy another month… and then another… and then another… because Netflix is the bomb.

That’s what you want this free promo note set to be!

Make it the best set of notes you’ve ever taken in your whole life! Your classmates will be saying “Look at how organized and detailed this is! It’s going to save me so much time this semester, I’m totally coming back for more!”

Want some advice on creating the best set of notes ever?

Here’s our StudySoup Hall of Fame – our 5 winningest notes/study guides of all time – with templates that you can use for your own notes!

Got questions? Always feel free to hit me up!

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